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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cpel2004, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Currently, Im in the process of qualifying to take the Florida Boards to become a certified Pest Operator for Lawn and Ornamentals. I wanted to know based upon others experiences in the industry, how long will it take me to become a knowledgable applicator. I undestand everyone has different learning curves, but what is the general time frame I should expect to be able to provide a professional quality service to my customers. As a licensing requirement I have to service one year under a Certified Operator and 24 semester hours of class room studies, will that be enough time for me to learn about this business if I apply myself? Thanks
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    dont forget you also have to have a business license and insurance to get your certification. Your lucky it used to be much harder to qualify, i think it was a degree and 2 or 3 years under an applicator.
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    Most guys I train are ready to be on their own in about 1-2 years. My employees are ready in about 2-3 months. It depends on how much you already know and time you are willing to put forth.
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    Read, go to meetings, read, ask questions on here, read and you will be fine.
    You must be willing to learn and understand to get better.
    I have been in the ag industry for over 10 years and the lawn industry for a little over three years. I am learning everyday!

    Be ready to learn and grow. You need to know alot in this industry to be a success and especailly to KEEP FROM MAKING MISTAKES.

    Good Luck!
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    with a degree, it reduced your hands on time. You will learn everything and you should be ready, but as time goes on, you will continue to learn. Is till wish I had mine in Florida...But no real good reason to keep active a PCO Lic 800 miles away, even if it is one of the hardest int he nation to get...

    Unless the rules have changed, you used to be able to get your CPO Lic, and you did not need a biz lic, and insurance. However if you you wanted to get a CPO Biz Lic, or you wanted to be a card holder for other applicators, then you needed the insurance and what not...

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