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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Mar 24, 2000.

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    Doesn't sound as if any of you guys have actually sufferen any physcial injuries as a result of these accidents. <p>Back when I first started, I was using a 4'x10' trailer behind a Ranger. I was hitching up one day, and was in a hurry. I was standing on the left side of the tounge, pulling the trailer rail with my right hand. My left hand was on the very front of the coupler. Once I got the trailer moving, it had too much momentum for me to stop quickly, and it crashed into the rear of the pickup. The main problem was that my hand was still on the very front of the coupler, and now smashed inbetween the trailer coupler and truck bumper. <p>A fast trip to the emergency room confirmed my worst fear, 2 broken bones in my left hand. I was in a cast for 6 weeks. That didn't stop me from mowing though. I was able to use a self propelled LawnBoy mower. There is no way that I could have operated a pistol grip walk behind mower. <p>I certinly learned my lesson, and now always look in the line of fire. <p>Lesson learned, dents in trucks are much less painful than broken hands. Next time, the truck will take the hit.
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    I was cutting the grass at a resort down by the lake and noticed a guy backing a trailer down the boat launch ramp. All of a sudden the hitch popped off the ball and the trailer rolled into the lake. I guess he panicked and took his foot off the brake and his car rolled back and the tongue went through his rear window. I went down to help and we noticed that after we pulled the trailer out of the lake and hooked it up again, the hitch was 2&quot; and the ball was 1 7/8&quot;.
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    jeff, <p> i did the same thing loading up an airboat lucky for me i didnt break any bones i had a hard time holding on to the shotgun that day though<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    To All,<br>Thank you for all of the stories. It helps to know that others have problems too. I laughed at some of these and others really got me thinking. I'm even feeling better about the dent. Since I started spring cleans<br>I can pay for it. Thanks again, I have become safer as a result.<p>P.S. I bought a new drop reciever for the hitch. I pulled out of my garage without a problem but somehow the trailer &quot;GREW&quot; 2 inches when I came home. Anyway it was easy to bend the garage door panel back into shape where the gate caught it. I have something against doors.:)<br>
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    Ha Ha dents and dings are a hazard of this business. My mother commented that, while on a walk, she saw my truck at a location I usually dont do work at (it was for one of her friends) she says she can tell my truck a mile away cuz its &quot;old and beat up&quot; and everyone else has newer trucks. Its a 1995 Dodge for Petes sake! Must be the dents rust peeling paint and two years of road grime which threw her.<p>Bill
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    Yesterday morning I was waiting for my partner to get his lazy butt out here to start the day, I was backed our two week old Ford F-250 up through the gate to pick up the mower trailer left the door open. Big mistake, popped outta gear and bent the door back to the front fender and knocked the trailer about thirty feet back (over the chalks.) Took about two hours with a mallet and my partner pushing and pulling on the door to straighten it out.
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    Dropped a toro walk behind into a busy 4 lane highway. Back before I had landscape gates on my trailors and I forgot to put the thing in gear and tie it down to boot. Only took 2 mistakes to create 1 accident. After I flipped it back over I started it up and drove it off the highway. Glad none of my customers were driving by.

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