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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeymike, Jul 13, 2003.

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    Can someone tell me how these demos work? Do I go in and just ask them to let me demo a ztr? I have 3 different stores that I buy equipment at so I am not really a regular at any one of them. Shold I just start to use 1 store and wait awhile before I ask about the demo?
  2. Start by asking what their terms are, and what are your responsibilities. If they know you, they'll let you take the mower with you. Others will bring a mower to you at a location. Some just don't let people (or you) take machines for a demo, which is a good indication of what kind of dealer they are.

    You might start with the dealer you’ve done the most business with. From their point of view, they want to know if you’re a serious prospect. Don’t be intimidated, act like it’s no big deal, but don’t pretend to know more than you do. Additionally, be careful about your reaction. If it’s too positive, they might decide you don’t need to look at another one. Too negative and they’ll think you’re just kicking tires. Because you’ll want to demo as many machines as possible.
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    Here is my suggestion from my limit ztr demo experience.
    If they have a ztr that has several hours on it from a trade in then you probably can bring it home for the weekend. At least I was able to do that for a Exmark ztr that had 250 hours +- on it.

    If they only have new ztr's with no or low hours on it then it is a toss up what the dealer will do. The dealer I bought my Hustler Super mini Z let me demo the unit on a few acres he had at his business location.

    Whatever you do demo at least two different brands so you can compare the quality of cut, ergonomics of the ztr, quality of construction, how comfortable is the ride in the seat (how springy) when you hit bumps, how good is the air filtering system (Donaldson filter or not),etc.

    Your talking about a lot of money so they better let you demo or walk away from that dealer.
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    some dealers will schedule
    the district sales rep with a
    dedicated demo unit for
    you to demo
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    You can always go to you local rent shop and see what they got. Rent it for half a day. They usually have the mower pretty much set up to cut real good with sharp blades. Test as many as there are out there and spend a hundred or two. Think of it as investing in education.

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