I want to hire you..tell me how?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jojo7, Jan 31, 2004.

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    I would love to hire you, please tell me how to get the best I possible can in my area . I've posted this also under the homeowners site.

    Would like to get as much feed back as I can.

    We have a monthly paper in our subdivison, and I will submitte.

    From what I've seen from this site you are giving lots of home owners willing to do the work themselfs how to's....but I want to know how to hire you...the profesional and why. I would love to see more info. on this aspect of Professional care from you. The pros. and I guess cons. of why I should hire you for the job!

    Some of us just do not have the time or do not want to deal with especially the cemical aspect of lawn care.

    We need to know how to hire you. This is a great site and I''ve learned what a stupid undereducated person I've been, but I still don't know how to hire you!

    I don't think I am wrong on this thinking, but as a homeowner, the only reason I hired people like True-Green, Scotts, or The Lawn Doctor. was becauce it was a big company. Therefore they should know what the hell there doing. Goverment regulated and all that stuff. WRONG. I understand the price cannot be matched, I guess. Please help.

    Me: Looking for a LCO that is Qaulity oriented, knowledgeable, Reliable, honest, can communicate, cost.

    They're is no worst feeling in the world then the feeling that you are getting ripped off or screwed. Don't do it. Work Honestly and work Fair.

  2. TotalCareSolutions

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    Your in luck! I happen to fit the requirements you outlined. Your search may be over...
  3. OP

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    Sir, you are in Atlanta, I am in Tenn. you will help me how

    Good execample of ****.
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  5. TotalCareSolutions

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    $300,000 is a little steep.

    Heres a TotalCareSolution: Go to the "Network with people from your area" forum and conduct a search on Tennessee. You may then opt to PM (private message) some of those folks over there.
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    Hi, Welcome to Lawnsite.

    You very well may be able to find someone from Lawnsite that is in your area that you would be able to hire. There are lots of great people here.

    If you don't mind me asking, are you looking to hire a company to handle just your fertilizing/pesticide needs, or are you also looking to hire someone that will maintain and cut your lawn along with the fertilizing?

    There's no guarantee when hiring anyone in any field when it comes to doing work for you.
    But you can look out for small signs.

    How do they handle themselves on the telephone? If they weren't in the office when you called, was your call returned in a prompt fashion?

    When they showed up to meet with you for the first time, did they have a clean appearance? Was their vehicle clean and in good shape?

    Did they offer you a business card? Any other form of information about their company such as a brochure?

    Are they licensed and insured? Just because they have been in business for awhile, doesn't mean they are insured.

    A big company isn't a guarantee that you will receive professional lawn treatments. Sometimes the smaller company is the one who is most willing to pay attention to the details and who strives to please their customers.

    Go with a small local company that has been in business for awhile, who when you talk to them you feel comfortable with, and who looks the part of a professional.

    Let us know exactly what type of lawn maintenance you are looking for, and I'm sure some Tennessee members will chime in and even may be in your area.

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