I want to park on my lawn - what do I need?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PTP, Mar 27, 2009.

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    On the side of my driveway, there is about 10 feet between it and my neighbors property. I would love to be able to park a truck on part of that lawn. However, I know that I will sink in eventually and cause major ruts. Is there some sort of mat that I could put down that would prevent this. I am thinking of something that would allow the grass to grow through but would prevent the rutting issues.

    I could excavate and put in railway ties but that is more involved than I want to get right now. I am looking for a fairly simple solution.
  2. PaperCutter

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    There's a product called GrassPave that is essentially what you're looking for- a plastic "mat" that allows the grass to grow through so you never see it, but it'll support the weight of a large truck. Ferguson is the distributor for it here; if you search it, you'll find it.

    There is base prep involved, though, so just be aware that you're not just rolling it out and going.
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    A car (sorry I couldn't resist)
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    Belgard makes a product in a honeycomb pattern that you fill the holes with planting medium and then turfgrass. It still requires a base similar to a regular paver installation.

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    LOL!!.........i couldn't eithher sorry, beat me to it:laugh:
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    yeah we use the same product in heavily shaded areas where homeowners still want lawn. works very well so that the mowers and other yard utilities dont leave tracks. and what the hell is going on with that retaining wall in the background of grandviews picture. i hope that was an existing wall!!!
  8. PatriotLandscape

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    it doesnt look like they have any infill on the grasspave
  9. DiyDave

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    Yeah, I noticed that, too, WTF? You know how much$ that stuff costs? About $6/square foot, man asphalt is cheaper. I have used catwalk from industrial warehouse shelving, for nearly the same purpose, worked pretty good, for something I got for free. You don't want to park on it continuously, cause shading will kill the grass.:waving:
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    according to grasspave its only $2.00 a square foot for the most expensive. and yeah, wheres the infill dirt????

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