I want to start my Lawn Mowing Business & I need all the help I can get.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mtallicuhh, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Hey there, I'm in the Los Angeles area. I am 21, and I would like to start my own business. I have chosen the landscaping/Lawn mowing business, I have no experience, I do like lawns, but i don't have a strong passion for them. I chose this business to generate cash flow.

    Today is my first day of research, I will take any & all advice I can get, it can be as little as a paragraph Or even 5 or 6 pages long, i will appreciate it, and soak it all up, I really need a lot of answers to questions I don't even have yet.

    Right off the top of my head, here are a few research questions that I have. You can skip this and give me what ever advice you have, but also I will need these answers some how. Thank you :)


    1.What are the requirements by law, for me to do business as a lawn mower/or landscaper. Exactly what licenses, and paper work will I need to fill out etc. And any other requirement, to do this type of business that I will need.

    2.How do I legally hire employees? I want my guys to be "Independent contractors." so they are responsible for everything they do. If they get hurt on the job etc. (also, will being an independent contractor protect me if they get hurt on the job?) I mainly want this, so they can use their own truck. This way they won't be careless with my truck. I want it so they use their own truck & their are responsible for what happens.

    3.What equiptment will I need? About how much will it cost for everything? New/Used

    4.How much should my guys get paid (Los angeles area?) And is it ok to find guys with no experience & train them? I mean is the work that hard?

    5.What do most lawn Mowing companies/Landscapers even do? We don't have one so I wouldn't know. I know they cut the grass & blow the leaves, but i'm sure there is more to it. What is most common, and does it take extensive training?

    6.In total, how much do you estimate it would cost me to get started? Im in Los angeles area, and imagine i had 1 truck w/ 2-3 guys, and business is pretty good. Also, how much did it cost for you to get started?

    7.This question is like part 2 to my first question, What all do I need to be legitimate? Insurance? would I need a commercial property?

    8.And how hard is it to keep track of my taxes & stuff? & do we get charged alot of tax in this business?

    I am sure most of my questions are anoying, but they are the fresh ones off the top of my head, this is my first day of research. I really do appreciate everything you can do for me, please educate me as much as you can. It will not go to waste, & carma does exist:)

    Thank you all very much!
    God bless you!
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    here is the best advice ever...." you must enjoy what you do"..otherwise, you will fail!:dancing:
  3. jnrogers

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    If you want to suceed you must have a super good work ethic, I am only part time but have several yards commercial and residential but I am a work aholic and obsessed with lawn care. You can bet the sucessful lawn care guys on here have worked their tales off. This is not something you can get into and not feel like going to work today, because if you are not reliable there is 1000's more lawn care companys they can get. It can be a good paying job if you manage it right. Good luck to you.
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    I think you are jumping into this way too quickly. Like you said you don't have a strong passion for them you just like them. You are wanting to buy a lot of stuff all at once. You should build up you business. Start with just you and see how you like it. It would be very bad for you to spend $20,000 on new equipment and then decide you don't like it. Start off small with just a few pieces of equipment and then build up as you go and come to really like this industry. A lot of your questions can be answered at your local court house, thats usually where you would get all the paper work to become a legit business. Remember start small and grow from there.

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