i want to start my own biss.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by iamthelawnman, Dec 4, 2002.

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    i want to start my owen sprinkler biss. and need to go to school i live in Fl, does anyone know what the laws is? i mean how long for school and were do u go?

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    look a few threads down the page there is some good info there from several people to someone who was wanting to expand.
    beyond that call your local building inspector, they can give you code on installs.

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    how about starting at grammar school
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    No ch-it! that's the first thing I thought when I saw the post. LOL! Sorry, no offense. Here in Te jas, you have to be liscensed.
  5. Randy J

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    I don't think anyone's trying to be offensive, but you really do need to have better grammer skills for your communications with customers. Remember they have to think you'll be competent before you can show off your work to them.
    Check out The Irrigation Association . They have a lot of good classes around the country.

  6. Ric

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    Check with your county code enforcement office. They issue permits and Qualify contractors for the State block test. The irrigation part of the test is not real hard. The business part gives a lot of people trouble. I found the business test hard and I am a test taker. I even found the Florida pesticide tests easy and they are known to be the hardest in the nation.

    County to county Qualification is a little different. Bottom line is, it is hard to qualify for the test. You have to have 3 to 4 years working for a licensed contractor. That contractor must sign you off in some cases. My county accepted College credits in Horticulture as work experience. That was how I qualified.

    Just a few years ago no test was required for an irrigation license. Those who got a license without taking the test can only work in the county they are licensed. Those who passed the test and are licensed in one county can get licensed in any other county in the state very easy. Just a matter of applying and having your county verify your test score and valid license in your county.

    Manatee County gave contractors one year to pass the test or lose their license. I also have heard of other counties changing their laws to made testing mandatory.

    Lee County I believe has a limited repair license that allows simple repairs. I am not sure about this license I just heard about it and never checked it out. Considering where I heard that info I would not make book on it.

    Therefore. You might want to find a job working for a licensed irrigation contractor and learn while you earn. I have the license but will be the first to admit I have alot to learn about irrigation. I am lucky in the fact I have a very experienced man working for me. However as good as he is, he has been unable to pass the business test.

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