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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Salt nut, Apr 24, 2000.

  1. Salt nutz why do you want to become a Govt.<br>mule? The pay sucks, plus all that marching and other crap.<p>With the business climate so good you would<br>be better working for wages for a private company.<p>But on second thought Fargo ND is no boom town. Maybe the military is a viable option<br>in your case.
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    Karl,<br>You really like the infantry. In the U.S. they call infantrymen &quot;Legs&quot;. If a &quot;leg&quot; at least be a paratrooper. I guess a twelve mile road march is similar to 8 hours operating a walk behind.<p>Salt Nut,<br>Use equipment that you can afford, and plan to use in your own yard when biz is complete. Otherwise investment is lost. Use the search function above with the word &quot;charge&quot; for pricing. Think about the previous advice before you start.
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    Salt,<br>I wouldn't purchase any equiptment if I were<br>you. The investment is not worth it if you plan to be in the biz for two years. It sounds like you would be better doing it with any mowers you own already. I wouldn't do it full time if I were you. (Not as a biz) Your best having a full time job and doing it on the weekends for extra cash.<br>I have been in business for 7 years and have 13 years experience. The first 3 years are tough. Then you start to make pretty good money. You have to have some knowledge in order to make it as a business. You also have to have a love for it. Its not easy when its raining,windy,hot etc. As the other guys said try working for a landscaper 1st.<br>After all your not going to get rich quick.<br>You have to put lots of time and sweat into this business. (lots of head aches too) Like I said before you have to have a love for it!!! Good Luck :) <br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance
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    Thank you to those with advice.<br>I do understand why you do not want me to crowd established lawn bis here however, the existing lawn care places simply can not keep up with the population. Fargo is actualy growing very very rapidly. (two people moved here last year :p).<p>I have worked out the numbers and I think that we will do ok.<p>$35 per lawn<br>6 lawns a day<br>5 days a week =$1050- 25% taxes = about $800 per week<p>I think all of these are modest projections and the tax estimate high.<br>start up cost:<br>Mower 400<br>trimmer 150<br>blower 150<br>edger 250<br>insurance 350<br>grinder 50<br>licence 0 ( checked already)<br>misc. 200<p>total= $1,550<br>so, in less that 2 weeks of full operation I we will have payed for all of the equipment.<p>If any of this is faulty of optimistic please let me know.<p>I do intend to contact the existing lawn care companys and tell them what I want to do. I want to know what they are charging so I do not undercut their business and also find out where they would not mind me operating. I do not want to step on any established toes. I just want some fresh air and exersise with the added bonus of making money.<p>Hard work, I laugh in the face of hard work. I am a farm kid turned concrete worker. I did that for 4 seasons and did high steel for 2. (well as high as it get here anyway.)<p>And, I have already served in the military, PATRIOT crewman 16T. I am proud of my service record as well as my contribution to this country. So if you have a problem with that.. Screw you! If you do not sorry for the outburst it was not directed at you.<br>
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    You might say screw you Homer but.............$400.00 for a mower, what kind are you looking at? Your equipment prices are low to say the least, I paid $400.00 for my blower! If you contact everybody and let them know your plan they should have no problem with it, they might even give you some business. I loved the movie they made there, were you in it? Looks pretty damn cold there!<p>Homer
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    Homer I and all I was out of line and am sorry. I get kind of touch about the Army thing.<p>Anyway, the mower is a Toro 21 inch self propeled mower<p>The blower and weed eater are Stihl.<br>To tell the truth I do not know the make of the trimmer.<p>Ah yes the movie Fargo. Actualy I am not in it. But some people here do actualy talk like that. Oh ya! Sure ya betcha!
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    Salt nut,<br>Demo the self propelled mower first...alot of times you will be able to push a mower much faster than the speed of the self propelled, plus more to go wrong mechanically.
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    Lawn Care Bus.<br> A) You make alot of money!<br> B) and you work outside in nice weather<br> C)oh wait, the weather is not so nice<br> D)$10,000 for a lawn mower What!!!!!!<br> E) this job sucks, i make no money, the weather sucks, Im selling and going to work in a tanning spa.<br> F) Following spring, see points a and B<p><br>This is a continiuous cycle until you say to yourself, why didn't I listen to those guys telling me to work at Burger flipper instead? <p><br>How do know you will get enough work for 40 hours? Your numbers are not good &quot;hypothesis&quot; of the lawn business.<p>Having said this, if you go forward with , best of luck to you. <br>
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    See,I think so too.<p>But my partner says that they will go at a speed that optimizes the cut. I did not see a 6hp Toro that does not have the self propeled feature. He wants nothing but a Toro either as in his experience they are the best bar none.
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    Lawn Boy is made by Toro (Toro.com) 6.5 horse commercial mower about $600. Exmark also makes a push commercial $800. I can run with my Lawn Boy

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