I want to thank all you folks for the good advice and encouragment.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, May 2, 2005.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words (well most anyway) I have gotten here. Awhile back I posted that I was throwing the towel in and I made one last ditch effort and gave it my best shot. My best just was not good enough, I DO NOT feel like I failed its just my area that is so bad. Today I counted 9 new LCO in a 3/4 mile stretch of road. Everyone had a el-cheapo mower. Now Im not making fun of them, I tried that too and it did not work and they will have to learn. I lost 3 accounts last week, 2 more today, and have 3 that are wishy washy. Lady called tonight that I just got Friday and cancelled for tommorow, found somone cheaper. Her yard was a 60 dolllar yard and I quoted her 45, her shrubbery trrimming was about 6 hours and I only quoted her 200 and she like to crapped! I have went on one dead end estimate after another and I honestly believe if I say over 15 bucks every person will GASP! Im calling back a man tommorow that wanted to buy my 737 Saturday and I told him I was still undecided, and let her go. I am going to put my truck on e-bay and see what happens and get me a older truck. Im going to keep my 717 and the bare essentials till the end of Sept. and then sell it. I know a miracle could happen and I would be very pleased if it did and I get 20 new accounts this week but I am doing good to get 1 and lose 3! Man, I hate the thought of getting back in the rat race again :cry: This has been a wonderfull site and I have learned a lot from it. Like I said, I would like to come back on here next week and say "Im back, " but just dont see it here in this area. I wish everyone of you the best, from the veterans to all the newbies that want to get their feet wet in this biz! :waving:
  2. olderthandirt

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    You need yo be more positive about selling your biz ideas and plans to your customers before you hang it up. Pm me and I'll give you a couple ideas that might work
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Hey Olderthandirt, thanks man, believe it or not, I have a very postive attitude and actually a peace about the whole thing tonight. I dont know if you realize how bad my area really is though. I actually believe that 15% or more of our entire population has gotten into lawn care! Like I said, would be pleased for a big turnaround!
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    You probably don't care to hear what i have to say but oh well . Is everything paid for ? if so sell the truck well get rid of that either way and get yourself an older one like you said . And go at it part time maybe you will make a rebound and make it big . The first year i was in business i had a loss of almost 2 grand . I know you been at it for 4 years but some take longer then that to make it . Best of luck with what ever you do

  5. lawn_pro

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    good advice, I hope everything works out for you.
  6. crawdad

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    Have you tried advertising in another city? I just looked at mapquest, I see their seems to be no large cities nearby, the coast is over an hour from you.
    Have you checked out any other areas to work in? Dock junction, Brunswick, etc? I am assuming you've tried Waycross, and that's the area you figure is saturated.
    I know it's a bit of a ride, but it could be worth a try.
    Yesterday's Brunswick news only shows 6 lawn ads online, I wish there were that few in my local paper.
    5lawn ads in todays beacon

    Hey, there's only one in the waycross journal, what's up with that? I still think you need to try a different town.
  7. grasswhacker

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    Fallback, but don't surrender! It may be that you need to scale back your equipment to fit your situation. Get rid of the nice ride as stated earlier, sell your large mowers and go with a 36-48" wb and do as crawdad said try another town.
  8. procut

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    Good point Crawdad. Trying your luck in another city. For example, I live in St. Johns, MI, which is about 25 miles north of Lansing, the capital. Almost all of my good accounts are in Lansing. Nearly a 1/3 of my income comes from accounts there.
  9. David Grass

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    Yea, sounds like you are in LCO Hell. I found out that this can be true when I was inquiring about an area in central Florida, I told someone what I made here and they laughed. They said that even the LCOs with moderate equipment make 8 or 9 dollars an hour. I AM KEEPING MY ROUTE!!!
  10. walker-talker

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    I feel your pain, as many do. I know many of us have different situations. Personally I live in a larger town, but the area I have been targeting must be saturated with LCO's. Over the last couple months I have had 25,000 flyers go out via neighborhood newsletters. A complete flop, to say the least. Less than 20 calls and picked up 3 mowing accounts. I was expecting to pick up 25-40 new accounts. I am saying forget mowing...just too competitve. I am going for chem apps next year....as planned. If I pick up some mowing accounts...great...if not, so be it. My point is, maybe you need redirect your business direction. Whether it be to provide other services or going to a neighboring town...something to think about.

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