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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bobw, May 15, 2007.

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    Started out bright and early this morning to meet my Ditch Witch dealer to pick up my new SK350 mini skid and vib plow attachment. Most of the day was doing odd job repairs/enhancements to existing customers. At 1:00 I headed up to a commercial site to rebuild a 2" valve.

    This is where all the goodness of the day ends. On the way up to the job site, I had a tire blow out on my truck at highway speed. I did what I could to get the speed down, but I had to make the choice between going across the other lanes of traffic or hitting into the ditch. I chose the ditch.

    The truck rolled once, the trailer only 1/2 way. They came disconnected in the roll over and the trailer actually stopped ahead of the truck. The truck will be a write off. The trailer looked pretty trashed. I have no idea on the state of machinery; I'm going to assume that it took a good beating in all of this. Paramedics took me to the hospital for spine xrays, etc.

    For a little perspective... I walked away without a scratch, literally. No innocent bystanders were harmed; a few have a good story to tell. The rest is just business. The truck will have to be replaced, the trailer repaired/replaced, equipment repaired and jobs rescheduled. But... I walked away from it.. am home safe and sound and tomorrow is another day.
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    god bless ya!

    thats a helluva story.

    all those other things can be fixed...you=more valuable...
    be safe brotha
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  4. PurpHaze

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    Glad all is OK. Things can be replaced... people can't.
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    Holy SMOKES! That's something huh? What a terrible thing to happen to you.
    At least you walked away from it without injury and you probably saved some lives by choosing the ditch. I am still sorry to hear about your new equipment and trailer and truck. Keep your chin up and count your blessings!
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    You know, I was really upset for a while yesterday when the transmission blew on one of the trucks my employees was driving. After a bit I realized it could be so much worse, maybe an injury to an employee (again). but it's just a truck. Your situation confirms this to me. Sorry to hear about your accident. But unfortunately $2700 later it still hurts. yes I could have gotten it cheaper, but this was a tranny REPLACEMENT, not a REBUILD. Did not have time for a rebuild. 24 hours later we have it back.

    The only good point, is that it finally died in a grocery store parking lot with a strip mall. In this strip mall there was an AVIS car rental office. So I went over and asked if trucks anything available. They said only an F150 but not cleaned yet. I told them who cares, give me the truck. Unloaded all the parts and tools to the rental, and away he went. Ready to work for today as opposed to canceling todays work for him.

    I had been talking of selling this truck ALL winter and never tried. POS.
  7. Dirty Water

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    Let me guess, Ford with a e4d auto tranny?
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    Nope. 1996 GMC 1500 with 198,000 miles. About 100k miles on this tranny. the tranny blew on be about 6-7 years ago somewhere around 80-90k miles. I bought it used in '99. When they replaced it then, they said it wasn't even the original tranny. So this is the 4th transmission apparently.
  9. Dirty Water

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    I'm surprised, we had good luck with GM trannies.

    Ford on the other hand, total POS.
  10. DanaMac

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    Love my Nissan Titan though!!:)

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