I Was Told Hustler Is Testing 34 Hp Kawie

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REALSLOW, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. gene gls

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    I switched to a 5" wide smooth tire for the front, lasts much longer and less damage when turning on soaft ground...
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Why didn't you just get a 6.5" smooth tire?

    Maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong, but it would seem to me, the main thing would be a smooth tire and the next would be a large (but not too large) tire so it would have a larger contact patch and exert less PSI.

    I don't have a problem with turf tears from the front with my smooth 6.5's.

    However, my fork rake is way too steep I think.
    So the forks don't spin around easy... so it may not be fair to say...

    But one thing is for sure, I wish Hustler would go ahead and release the flex forks for other brands. I'd get a pair for my Lesco because the stock forks do not make it easy for the machine to swing the front end around in some situations... which results in unavoidable turf tears from the rear tires on real tender shady lawns.
  3. pugs

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    Bobcat has had that Yanmar diesel for a while. It was a 20HP and then it went away and then came back and yada yada. I think now its a 21HP. Its expensive and only available on I think the 52 and 60 models and from what most of you believe its probably underpowered for that size deck. Personally I have never seen one in use other than ones sitting on show floors.

    Shafts driving mowers....Many think they are great for all the wrong reasons. IMHO they are a waste.

    Oh its a shaft...it wont slip, it wont rob horsepower blah blah blah. Well on most of these mowers you have BELTS driving the shaft so uh...those can slip just like a belt driving the deck. Now as far as robbing HP...any time motion changes direction you incur a loss in power to do so. So this comes into play even if you have a Horizontal shaft engine driving a vertical blade through a donkey pully setup. Now with the shaft setup...usually you have a right angle gearbox of some kind. That gearbox will probably rob more HP or at least as much as the donkey drive system.

    Now I have seen some older front mount mowers and such that drive the deck right off the PTO of the engine...with a clutch right in line with that. Now in that system there is no belt other than the one on the deck. In that case it would probably help in a higher HP situation.

    However for most of these mid mount ZTR's the most efficient way to do things is with a vertical shaft engine drivng the vertical blades directly. I am not that familar with Hustler products but if that is the way they are making all their machines...I like it. That is how all the Bobcat machines are that we sell and I cant see making them any other way.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    I guess Pugs and I are agreeing here...

    While I do not have an oh-my-god strong preference between shaft & belt, mule drive belt or direct drive belt... the only thought that comes to my mind is DUH!!! V-shaft direct drive is simplier!!!

    It's not really going to affect my buying decisions or anything... but I know it is simplier, cheaper with less moving parts.
  5. Mickhippy

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    I dont expect everyone to agree with everything that I said, thats just my opinion on my grass and terrain. Everything I mentioned has come from my experience and things that I personally think could be different/better!
    Im just going off the shaft deck drive on my JD. 1 grease zerk! No failures or problems what so ever and other than 2 squirts of grease every now and then, no maintenance!
    Long belts stretch and sticks etc get up there and snap belts. Im so over buying bloody over priced, special length type belts! I havent had belts slipping or anything but I think shaft is a better way to get blades rotating with torque behind them.

    Envy, Scag TT is the closest out there to what my ideal machine is! Even down to the mud guards!

    TLS, I just blow out the hydro cooler but was told by dealer that it should be cleaned out regularly. If thats the case then it shouldnt have to be completely dissasembled to do it! Supposed to be easy maintenance machine isnt it?
    Those scalp wheel bolts.. I went to dealer and they handed over the "special" bolts ($2.50 each!) They turned out to be exactly (wrongly) the same as the 30cent bolt at the bolt shop needing 7 washers to space them out properly. I went to the bolt shop! Nothing sh!ts me more than companies that make basic parts special for there machine. Its just a bloody grab for cash and pizz'z me off big time. $2.50 for a farkin 30c bolt! Please! Same as belts!
    I like the old deck except for the BAD clumping when its wet! More hp might of helped that though!
    I use straps for tie down. Problem is, there are no dedicated point for them. I got the tow ball hitch for the rear and sort of wrap the strap over the front casters in front. Problem is, its wearing off the paint. Such a basic thing that wasnt thought of. (not just Hustler either) We cart these machines on trailers and trucks. They need to be tied down!

    Puppy, glad you hear me about the poo! Such a basic thing like a mud guard would keep the machine and operator heaps cleaner.
    By the way, mowed that place today. Machine was great and only bogged on the spots I knew it would. They hate hills with long grass dont they! Still, got it all done in less time I thought it would.

    Sorry guys, another long winded post!
  6. pugs

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    Well if you have the belts slipping you have other issues. Either it is far too wet to be mowing, or you need to slow down if you have the deck that clogged up.

    Belts really do not stretch...they do wear. But if you measure the backside of a new one before you put it on and measure it the same way a month later I bet the difference would be tiny. Also, most quality machines have spring loaded belt tensioners so you do not have to constantly adjust for belt wear.

    I forgot to mention in my post last night about the shafts...U-joints also rob power :)
  7. Mickhippy

    Mickhippy LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I said I 'havent" had belts slipping!
    Belts do stretch! May take more than a month of hard work but they do stretch!

    Im going to correct myself here, there are 3 zerks on the JD shaft, not one!
  8. gene gls

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    I switched to 5" wide tires because when you run 6-8 lbs in a 6.5" tire, the outside 1" of the tire( both sides ) wears out very fast when traveling on blacktop. Also , that tire area caused damage on my properties in soft conditions because it was under inflated. If I run 12 lbs in front, it feels like a foam filled tire. I also run tubes in my front tires to eliminate popping the bead when climing a curb.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Thanks... now I understand 'why' in your case.
  10. mowtech

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    Depends on the construction. Kevlar cord belts do not stretch. Polyester cord belts do. So it depends on the type of belt used. Kevlar belts can appear to stretch slightly as over time they can seat deeper into the pulleys.

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