i was wondering if anyone knew how much a job like this would bring me?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by REENO, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. REENO

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    a friend wanted me to help him deliver some mulch(about 37 or so yards)and help spread it around an apartment complex.there will be 2 other trucks besides mine,so u guess about 6 trips collectively. i was thinking about 50 bucks per trip+ labor. let me know if this is too steep of a price to charge a GOOD friend(dont want 2 overcharge but of course i want to make a profit.)another thing the trip from the farm to the jobsite is about 12-15 miles per trip.:hammerhead:
  2. PROCUT1

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    How the heck are any of us supposed to know your overhead, expenses, profit margin, taxes, income, and everything else that determines price if you dont?
  3. scagwildcat

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    WOW!!! you had to know that was coming lol ..
    what kind of truck do you have? if you have a pickup i would say, $50 is way to much. if you have a one ton dump that can hold atleast 5 to 6 yds then i would say $50 is fair for the amount you will travel to and from the supply yard/job site... but like was said , you really need to know what your costs are, if i said $15 a trip, would that be what you would charge, you cant go by what others price at... like i said around my area $50 for del. 5 to 6 yds in around ten miles is fair!!! might not be in your area??
  4. olderthandirt

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    $97.24 per trip.............................................................
  5. K.Carothers

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    Have the supply yard deliver it.

  6. cwlawley

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    You're looking at 4 trips minimum for 37 years for all three trucks. I'd play it safe and say 5 trips total.
  7. chriscraft

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    If he is a good friend i would think he would ofeer you 1/2 of the profit, if not hes taking advantage. If he is a good friend you could do it for free and he could could owe you, i do that with my ex foreman we help each other out, BUT we both help out in times of need. Most friends issues, one always seems to do more tho
  8. sheshovel

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    Man that's a looooooong time CW!!LOL:hammerhead:
  9. FSully

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    Get it delivered, throw the driver a C note, to split the load around the property. Your going to waste about an hour per trip, 6 hours just to get mulch per truck based on 2 yards per truck.
  10. REENO

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    good good friend, but he will NOT split the profits. not at all!

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