I will be Thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    I want to give a great happy Thanksgiving to all my Christmas light buddies on this forum. I'd also like to share with you a few Thanksgiving thoughts.

    I have definetely gotten a bit more mean and envious about my local Christmas Decor franchise here and I believe my posts have reflected that. I also have lashed out at the cheapies and griped about other things as well. I'd like to make it my goal from now til Christmas to change my thinking and tone. I want this thread to mark some important points in my life right now.

    First and foremost, I am Thankful for my loving, spritual relationship with God and my church family. It is my rock that tethers me.

    I am Thankful for my wonderful wife and 4 children. I love them and they love me, unconditionally. If you want to see a photo, you can go to geeklites.com. and float around. You are not allowed however, to criticize my website. it was a 1200 buck experiment that, at least I am thankful that I have one.

    I am Thankful that all of my family and myself are healthy and fine.

    I am thankful that I have a nice, non money pit 2200 square foot home, cars that run currently, food in the fridge, and bills caught up.

    I am thankful that although I fell and dropped 20 foot to the ground off a ladder during a cleanup from the icestorm we had here in february, I broke no bones, had no internal damage other than a concussion, and I was only sore/kinda virtigo dizzy sometimes for 2 months. I am 100% fine now, and understand many people die from that kind of a fall or are seriously injured. Of THAT miracle, I am grateful and thankful to God.

    I am Thankful for all the landscape light jobs, and any other work I did this year, that helped me keep up with my bills in the off season.

    I am Thankful that I have closed 23 new customers, around 75k in new work and am keeping up my average 3k per new customer this year. I have add-ons figured in there, but new sales are new sales.

    I am Thankful for all the rehang customers that continued to use me this year. When you lose 25 properties, you really learn to appreciate the 135 that stuck with you.

    I am thankful that I have not had major mechanical problems with any of my personal or business vehicles.

    I am Thankful that I have not had to really make too many signifigant inventory purchases yet on the current sales. I pretty much have just been selling stuff I paid for last year, except maybe bulbs, clips, cords, timers.

    I am thankful that all employees started this year are still with me and they have pretty much showed up every day. I am thankful that, for the most part, they all give an honest effort at doing thier best.

    I am Thankful that the weather has been good enough for me to keep promises to all customers about hanging times, and good enough to keep up so as to not lose bids to other companies that can get it up quicker.

    I am thankful that my main competitor does carry insurance, workmans comp and looks very professional, and thier guys have training, are clean cut, and thier jobs and trucks look good. it raises the professionalism and value of my trade.

    I am thankful for the ideas that continually pop in my head to make this business better. I am thankful for this community to share my ideas, and I am thankful for you guys when you call me out when I am wrong and make mistakes.

    I will make an absolute stronger better effort to be thankful for what I have.
  2. addictedtolandscaping

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    Dave that is absolutely wonderful.

    My self I am thankful for:

    My family who also stands by me unconditionally with love and encouragement

    my health and the health of my loved ones

    my newly found success again, business has started to turn around with secuing the subdivision I am on

    the ability to purchase reliable safe productive equipment

    my endurance with taking on a new trade, and the early success with the ability to market product and gain exposure

    everything I have learned this year and had the God given oppertunity to display

    All the help, guidance, encouragement that my friends here have given me, their lack of arrogance and plain experienced advice that can not be learned from books has been more than helpful, it has been a life saver.

    that I have somehow overcome my fear of heights as I have been up pn ladders 25' and yesterday was walking a roof line

    that I have experienced success with the therapy I have been undergoing with the ptsd diagnosis I got back in September, that yesterday I was cleared by my therapist to return to work.

    Each day God gives me, rain or sun it is another day to create joy, success and continue on my path without disability
  3. addictedtolandscaping

    addictedtolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from NY
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    Dave website looks great, I especially like the snowflakes scattered through the background. Nice job. Would love to see more Christmas ;-)
  4. wurkn with amish

    wurkn with amish LawnSite Senior Member
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    your work is awesome just like I expected it to be from you. At least your competition is good, wish I could say the same.
    I'm thankful for all that God has blessed my family and I with this year.
    We are healthy, safe, have a roof over our heads, and food to eat. Family that loves us and watches out for each other.
    For my church and pastor to help me keep thing in perspective( whatever issue I'm dealing with that week He seemed to preach about it!) God is awesome!
  5. David Gretzmier

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    Thanks for the website kudos. The home page is temporary for the Christmas season, it will revert back to the landscape lighting page on Jan 2.

    My parents are here for pretty much Thanksgiving day only. my dad is 80 and my mom is 76. I am thankful they made the trip and thankful they both are pretty healthy.

    I am thankful the phone rang this morning for another bid on friday. I am now booked all day friday and the next callers will have to be on Saturday.

    I am thankful for all the food smells waffling though my warm home right now. Cold outside here, 35 degrees or so.
  6. Classic Lighting

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    Great site Dave. I have been following your posts on here and Lighting forum. You are truly one of the leaders and an inspiration to the small guys such as me.
    I thought Tommy Herran was the Lighting Geek?:laugh:
  7. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
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    He's the original Geek. He an I had a talk, and I need to put a disclaimer on the site that I am not connected to him in any way, and he is not connected to me. when the home page comes back, that will happen.
  8. bike5200

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    Dave, you where very lucky or blessed on your ladder fall, mine was far less than that and I spent 3 months on the couch.
  9. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'll choose blessed. I guess God has something important to do here. The firemen that measured the fall distance said I was really lucky. in the kill zone.

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