"i will NOT pay your late fees!"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 21, 2005.

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    i hate late payers. i hate them for a reason. that reason being= having some schmuck cut your lawn, is a luxery, not a neccesity. it's not like medical care, or running water, or electricity. it is something, you can do without. so, is this being sneaky, and underhanded? here's the scene- i have a customer, under contract, who is continually late on her payments. i am very busy right now, and i don't care to pursue legal action. so, we play "cat and mouse". she's late on her bill, i interrupt service, it gets a foot high, she sends a check, late, and i resume service, etc, etc, etc. the other day, i told her, i MUST be paid all my late fees, and i want this account brought up to date. she says, no way in hell she's paying a late fee, who the hell do i think i am? so finally, after six months of being late, she brings her account up to date, and then gives me a check, for a month in advance. but still, refuses to pay the late fees. DUMB MOVE on her part. i am taking the advance payment, adding up the late fees, keeping that, and sending her a cancelation notice. is this sneaky and underhanded? would you cancel a client who is late, every single month, and refuses to pay late fees?
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    Like you said Bobby, it's a luxury. Your Bank would drop you if you didn't pay your late fee's right? You seem to have enough clients that do pay so turn and burn.

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    Is the advance enough to cover the late fees? If not, what then? Or, how about if the advance is more than the late fees added up. Are you still going to cancel service and if you do, are you going to send her the amount over and above what the late fees added up to?

    Sounds like fun to me...I wouldn't consider what you're planning to do underhanded or sneaky though. Good luck.

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    I have a couple of customers that are late payers quite frequently but they always catch up. Nobody has ever refused a "finance charge". An odd twist to this approach. One customer who Finally paid up to last Nov. nothing yet on this year, Thought it was ok to owe me money because I was charging interest. I had to explain it to him a little better. I'm not an Equal Opportunity Lender.They're definitely slow, but are paying everything. And yes I would drop and smack anybody that tried not to pay a late fee.
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    Bobby, two words........

    GIT R DONE!!!!!!!!! I'm behind you 100% on this one! If the prepaid amount is less than the fees, but close enough then I'd just do it and eat the rest to be done with it. If the prepaid amount is more, TOO BAD!!!!!! Thats the PITA factor FEE!!!!!

    Man this is how its done.... she's too stupid to see that prepaying you might result in this, and dumb enough to try to not pay late fees which I'm sure were stated on the contract/initial agreement, so she deserves this and so do you.... I'd be all over this man... I love when justice is done....

    Take care Bobby.
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    i'm actually making a mint off her, and i'll tell you why, it gets complicated, try to pay attention: the fee for all season services are added up, and broken down into 10 equal payments. the payments are $200 a month, due 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, etc, etc. now, even though i get a payment march 1st, i am not working yet till usually early april. by this time, i have $400 of thier money, already. this is where it gets really good.....if they are late on thier payments, i interupt service. i don't go back until a payment is made, in this case, i've been cutting her lawn an average of one time per month, but STILL collecting the entire fee. the contract states that, if payment is not made on time, we have a right, at our discretion, to interupt, or cancel service. when service resumes, we may, or may not, at our discretion, refund monies for missed services. on this one, i opted not to refund anything, so i'm getting 4 times the grasscutting fee, for showing up once. it's not thick grass, and usualy just a double pass makes it done. now, her advance payment covers the late fees for every month, plus quite a bit extra. my plan, is to refund the difference.........when i'm good and ready :sleeping:
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    Hey bobby, Might want to be careful. If it doesnt say anything in your contracts bout late fees, she could take legal action on you. If it doesnt say anything in the contract, you might want to revise it for future incidents.

    Play tough, but play smart.
  9. Lux Lawn

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    Sounds like easy money to me.I understand that late fee's are there for a reason but sometime's they need to be over looked.

    $200 to the the lawn once a month sounds pretty good to me...you can always hide the late fee's in an extra service.
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    Bobby, one thing you're missing out-----if you stop service and start back, the 1st trip back should be 50-100% extra added to the normal fee.----depending on the amount of time service was stopped.

    (More grass, more money)

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