"I will Shoot you", sign

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by soloscaperman, May 27, 2008.

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    Take a handgun carry permit class or advanced level defense class. Of if you cannot carry or own a handgun, read a book on how to legally protect your property, and life.

    A general rule of engagment deadly force is vaild, if the crimal is threating you or you feel threaten, and the criminal is within striking distance or lunging reach. You must attempt to engage the crimnal with verbal commands, then esculate the defense level as necessary, this happens quickly. In the end the crimal complies to less than lethal force, or shoot to kill, not wound. So if you property is next to your house, its dark? of course I would be on a higher level of alert/force to deal with the situation. In day light when you can get a good visuale and keep your distance to have time to protect yourself or property. I would take more time before using deadly force. Keep in mind these are "general" rules, and every situation is different. The best gun fight is the one you avoid. Do not hesitate to take a human life when necessary.
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    Down here a sign like that isn't unusual and is seen as a warning. Same as a : "Beware of the dog" sign. Another one is: " Don't worry about the dog. Worry about the owner with the gun."
    And the dead men comment comes direct from the police. As long as the fatal shot is from the front and in your dwelling, most juries won't even go for a manslaughter charge if the person had a record. Shooting a drug dealer/bully in the back might get you the manslaughter charge because you fired the gun inside an occupied building. But that is a tough call. One I had to make too. Florida has gotten tired of the criminal influence and might be only second to Texas in the rights of people to protect themselves, relatives and neighbors and property from the crooks.
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    I don't see the sign stopping anyone either, if anything
    it might make it worse when someone takes it as a dare.
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    I have seen signs saying
    No Trespassing
    If you feel that you need
    to cross this field, feel free
    You better make it across less then 56 sec.
    It only takes me 59 sec to get my gun

    HINT HINT I walked the long way around LOL
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    My favorite was in the movie disorganized crime ( trespassers will be violated survivors will be shot) Now do you really want to find out if their bluffing?
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    Best sign I saw was Danger Killer Bees, we dont get killer bees up here.
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    im sure he meant to say 47 states. No need to spin peoples words. As we age muti tasking, which he does 24 hours a day, can jumble your thoughts a bit. Of course he knows there are not 58 states.
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    Get one of the $20 battery operated driveway alarms. When I'm too tired to move the equipment inside the garage, I put the transmitter in or around the truck and leave the receiver next to my bed. They can be loud though when they go off. Sometimes wind and rain will set them off too but they do work as long as you keep the batteries up to date.
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    Be careful if you ever confront them..... Let me also tell you from my experience.......having had my whole rig jacked in front of my eyes while at a job site, you never know what you will do. I always fancied myself as someone who would be tough if I encountered a thief.... aka "Uma Thruman/Kill Bill ".........However, when it really happens ........it all becomes so surreal. I'm not sure that if I had a gun in my hand that the outcome would have been better.My regret that day is having left the truck door unlocked and the dog at home. They were professionals and had the ignition cover ripped off and the truck started in the few seconds it took for me to walk behind the house to get my hand tools. I'm a careful person and never even saw them hanging around which means they were hiding and watching. Don't forget that a lot of these thiefs are much better at this than you ! Your life is more important than your stuff even if it is your livelihood.

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