I will try to start an association this winter.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Twotoros, Nov 17, 2000.

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    Three or four of us here in (Yakima) central Wa. state will be trying to put together an association this winter.
    Any of you that are members of one that have any ideas for us would greatly be appreciated. I have done some searchs on this site but any other comments would be nice.
    One of our goals will be to get the low prices in our area up some. They are in the dumper here. No price fixing is planned just educating some of the members to the realities of the business .
    I am sure it would be a very good thing for all of us in the biz to be a member of a local assc.in addition to a national one.
  2. I have been discussing this topic with a few LCO's here where I live as well. We hope to get something going here soon. Looking to set some minimum requirements, such as business license, insurance, and such. Too many guys jsut out here cutting prices to get yards that are hurting the rest of us. Looking for any info that members here might share on getting this started.
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    Congratulaitons on you effort. I was involved in the start up of the Oreogn Landscape Contractors Association way back in 1986. I was one of the Charter memebers of the Board of Directors. It was hard, but it paid benifits. The educational benifits that many recieved from some of the seminars and imported speakers and consultants we have used over the years was invaluable to many. I attended our field day in Salem today ( more on that and equipment reviews later) and it was attended by over 400 people.

    Even if your fledging effort results in 10 guys getting together once a month, consider that good. Yakima is similar to the Bend market I would think right??

    Does the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals have a Chapter in your area ?? Consider affilating with them to get a jump start ??

    Good Luck. Rather that complaining about these things, you guys are going to do something to help yourselves and the industry.

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    Want to second turfman's suggestion of checking with state group(s) first. Just like coming to this forum and finding that there are hundreds of guys working just like you around the country, there could be a dozen or more near you interested in a local group. A established organization, like a state association, might be able to give you guidance in forming local groups. Might even know of person or persons in your area to help - some of the best advice I have gotten thru the years has been from those retired - or should be retired - from the green industry, and you're not going to meet these valuable people until you join, or at least interact with existing organizations.
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    Toroguy-I'm only in Chelan, 2 hours away but can I participate? I would like to get prices out of the dumper also. I don't know if I could quite make the meetings or whatever but that's what Fed-Ex is for. Anyway, if possible, count me in!
  6. Thanks Groundkprs,

    This months Turf magazine has a listing for two organizations here in my general area. I will give them a call first of the week to see if they have any chapters down near me. If not maybe we can start one up here with their help. It would sure help to educate these guys around here on pricing strategies. I don't think we will be able to eliminate the low ballers but maybe we can improve our image.

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    Good ideas all. No chapter of the state assc here that I have heard of so I will contact them.I receive a newsletter from them and most of their members are on the west side of the state. Maybe we can have a local one as well . The economy between western Wa. and eastern,as well as the landscape,is like night and day. A recent article about our economies in Washington stated that if the westside was a state all to it's own it would rank sixth and that the east half would rank fourty-seventh in economy!!!
    Scag48,Maybe a local chapter of a state assc. can be started up your way as well. This is a fairly large state and drives can take . I will contact the state assc. soon and get back to this post.
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    Great idea. The OLCA has Chapters in Salem, Eugene, Medford and Bend. No reason why you guys can not do the same thing. When you get going, keep me posted . Contact me via my website for additional information.

    Good Luck.
  9. Twotoros

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    I did find out some info on the assc.here in Wa. (W.A.L.P.) Although it seems like a possible choice I don't know how many are willing to shell out $275. a year to join. If we did we would still have to come up with funds for rental of a small facility for monthly meetings. We may have to keep it simple at first as our goal will be to educate as many as possible on basics like how to make a proper living . Quite a few guys in my city are doing bang up work but are not charging enough and are finally realizing it . I only get maybe 1 in 15 bids because they are seen as to high (not). Simular problems are aplenty it seems.
    I was wondering if a larger assc, would let a smaller one join as a group. Bottom line is what dues we come up with will have to be used to get some serious work done here in the valley. Right now it will be up to three of us to get this off the ground asap before letters go out in the spring.
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