I would like to get incontact with member by the screen name dwost

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    I learned to drive a cub tractor at the age of 10. The nice thing about mowing grass is that you can see the results of your labor. After our Sears garden tractor gave out on us we purchased a Ferris ZTR mower. Like dwost I also purchased a cargo carrier to mount a 25 gallon boom less sprayer on back. The inside dimensions of a 2"x2" receiver hitch. The receiver post on the cargo carrier measures only 1.75" x 1.75 " I would like him to share how he mounted his and how to overcome the difference if there was any.

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    Hasn't been around since June 14th.
    Use search tool, search for member, start a conversation with dwost
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    Greencuts is correct...search for that user and you can contact them that way or write a message on their profile page

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