I wrecked my trailer

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Sorry to hear of this accident too. I hope the lady wasn't hurt to bad. Number 1: you were lucky the lady wasn't killed and number 2: you didn't have all your equiment on the trailer. If you had to replace all your equipment, you would have another big problem, but you can go to your local rental place and rent a trailer and be in business until you can get your trailer fixed or replaced. <p>Could you let us know the exact size chain you had on your trailer? Did it break or did the bolt or weld to the trailer break? Or was it the hooks that broke?<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<p>


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A note on safety chains: I have a one-piece chain which loops thru and around the jack tube and back to the other side. The hitch would have to tear off the truck frame, or the trailer split intwo, before the chain let go. <p>Also, at least in CT its illegal to have the chain bolted to the trailer, the chain must either loop around something or welded.<p>And LoneStar the header of the forum is commercial lawn care, not old ladies in dodge darts so I can understand his order of priorities, at least as it relates to the forum.<p>Either way, best of luck to all involved. Everyone will need it. That insurance payment wont seem like much after all.<p>Bill
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Hey Everbody:<p>Thanks for the concernes. As for the questins:<p>1. The lady appeared to be ok. I think she was just dazed and the took her to the hospital as a precautinary but she appeaed to be ok just very shaken up.<p>2. My friend was pulling the trailer at the time because he wanted to use it to get mulch for his house so I think his insuance is taking care of the damage to the ladies car and herself. I think I can fix the trailer myself without it costing to much.<p>3. The chians where still atached to the truck when we pulled over. It was the weld that broke on the trailer.<p>4. The reason the trailer came unhitched is sort of unknown. I think it was because it was unloaded and we where on some bumpy backraods and the latch came unlatched. Then we went over a bumpy bridge and lost the trailer. It was hooked up completly correct.<p>Anyway thanks. Be carful accidents do happen


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Tough break Little green guy. I thing bad things are meant to happen no matter what we do. Or it seems that way. Just look at Nasa losing 2 space vessels as they reached Mars. The old saying hold true. What can go wrong will go wrong sooner or later
Sorry to here about your unfortunate accident. There have been several incidents like yours happen in the surrounding counties here in Tennessee where I live. But unlike your case in some of these someone lost a life. For this reason and probably many others TN requires that any tandem axle trailer 14 ft long or longer have brakes and a breakaway controller on all trailers used for commercial purposes. It adds extra dollars to the price of a trailer when you buy it, but the safety factor out weighs the extra cost. In MHO all utility type trailers should be equipped with these two features, to prevent the trailer from going astray if it should come undone from your truck. If your trailer has brakes on it, a breakaway controller can be bought at a automotive parts house, they run about $100 and up depending on if you get one with a recharger for its battery. When you get your trailer repaired you may want to check on one of these. <br>Again, sorry to here about your accident.<p><p>----------<br>Richard @ Davis Total Lawn Care<br>http://townserver.com/dtlc

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