I20 or 5000plus SAM?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by vabch22, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. vabch22

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    Hey guys,

    My current system is Hunter running PGP AGJ and the time has come to replace some heads. They have been in place for years, so they have been pretty reliable. I would like to save as much water as possible, so I have been looking at stepping up the rotors as I replace them. I have seen the back and forth about the i20 and 5000+, but was wondering if anyone has run both and which they recommend? Or would PRS be needed in my case? I read they do not handle sand well.

    This is for residential and short to medium throw. Soil is a mix of clay and sand mainly (Virginia Beach). Shallow well 3/4hp pump. Well is about 15 ft down. Zone pressure is about 30 - 40 PSI depending on how many heads are in the zone. I'd like to get the best spray pattern as well as check valve to prevent puddling/water waste.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. ArTurf

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    At your pressures no need for PRS. I prefer RB to Hunter on rotors, better seal easier adjustablitity. I replace hundeds of Hunters because of seal failure with RB. If I was smart I guess I'd use the PGP and then replace it in a few years. The only advantage to the Plus is the ability to shut it off if needed which I don't come across much. So maybe just go with the 5000 SAM.
  3. Mike Leary

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    I-20 6" stainless and RB 5000 6" stainless have worked well for us. With any knd of slope, a low-drain-check valve should be specified. :)
  4. vabch22

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    from VA
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    Great, thank you both. I will give the 5000's a try.
  5. irritation

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    I've had problems with check valve rotors on systems with low pressure. Sometimes they do not pop up and if you have a problem with pumping sand they may not seal. I only use them when necessary.
  6. DanaMac

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    Yes. I have one low pressure project with I20s that every spring I can't get some heads to come up until I turn off the flow control on other heads. Sometimes they will continue working, sometimes not. I redesigned these three zones in the spring, and installed all 5000s and they pop up fine now.
  7. vabch22

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    Yea. I'm mainly looking at replacing the rotors along the street/curb side as a few of them have began leaking around the seals. It sounds like the 5000s may be a better option than the i20's and are a little cheaper.
  8. irritation

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    I've always felt the high end rotors were nothing more than marketing. Stainless steel risers, check valves. What use is a shut off at the head other than not to get wet? It's going to change pressure at the other heads how can you adjust without normal pressure?
  9. greenmonster304

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    I use them all the time. I do many large jobs where they are laying sod, Sometimes they will install several tractor trailers worth, but They usually only can do one truck a day. They can never lay the sod within the boundaries of a given zone so if they sod half a zone we will shut the heads off that have no sod so we can water without making mud for the next day.
  10. Felco #2

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