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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. irrig8r

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    Anyone been to San Diego and have anything new to share?

    I haven't been since one in Anaheim a few years back.
  2. sprinklerchris

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    Toro: has a new MP Rotator look-alike nozzle. Better performance and adjustability than MP. Could be hot. Don't know if it is out yet. They sponsored Ed Begley, the keynote.

    Orbit: has started a new professional brand under the name "Hydro-Rain". The Blu-Lock stuff is cool, but the rest is just Orbit retail stuff with different packaging and look.

    Hunter: nothing new. They had an odd new display booth that was confusing. They're really pushing ET stuff hard. Something about blue being the new green. :confused:

    New Product Contest Winner: a battery-operated brass ball valve that you operate remotely. Allows the guys doing blow outs to shut the water off without going in the basement. I also liked the universal valve box lid for replacements

    K-Rain: guys spinning signs on the street corners. Promoting their PGP look-alike and providing free samples. http://www.switch2krain.com Lots of takers.

    Irritrol: now "full-line" with new rotors, good reception event.

    Kichler: LED lights kind of interesting.

    Blazing Products: Cool wire connectors.
  3. irrig8r

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    Sounds like a pretty thorough roundup Chris. Thank you.

    So, Orbit can use the Hydro Rain name because Irritrol/ Toro abandoned it?
    Or do you think Toro sold them the rights?

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    That answers one of my curiosities. I've seen the ads for Hydro Rain and was wondering if they were making a comeback.

    Any interesting invoicing/dispatching software?

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    What about fancy trucks and service bodies? Did RB mention anything about a new ET timer to replace that RB monitor disaster? Did RB mention anything on a remote for the ESPM? Did Hunter have that new head for the MPs?
  6. sprinklerchris

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    from Georgia
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    The Orbit guys said that Toro abandoned the Hydro-Rain name so they can use it now without having to fight anyone.

    No displays of trucks at the show :(

    Rain Bird seems to be sticking with the ET Manager.

    I stopped at Software Republic / RainCAD and looked at the new version. Very nice.

    Did not see any other good software products, but was not shopping for those.
  7. EagleLandscape

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    what about the weathermatic booth? alot of two wire stuff?
  8. Kiril

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    No surprise there. They got too much invested in that hunk of junk to ditch it now. :cry:
  9. Keen

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    I did not see anything about a remote line at the RB booth but I did see the TRC remotes booth and they seem to have a solution for any RB (or other) clock. I am sure they make remotes for the OEMs so I figure I will just buy from them direct.

    I did stop by the Hunter booth and would agree with the ealier comment that it was a bit strange "Blue is the new Green"?, not sure that one is going to take off...but they did show the MPR-40...it is a standard Institutional spray with the PRS feature tuned for 40psi. It has a grey colored cap and some new graphics on it otherwise seems to be just a spring rate change in the PRS unit. I am sure every MFG who has a PRS head (Toro, RB, etc.) will have one at 40-45psi soon if people start buying them for use with rotary nozzles.
  10. Keen

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