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  1. desert night light

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    Which one of these cults, I mean associations is better and why?
  2. JoeyD

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    IAALL is nothing like the AOLP/LVLIA. IAALL is a group of lighting professionals who used to be known as The Illuminator Knights Club. It was a group started by Nate Mullen that consisted of lighting pro's like yourself who would get togeather once a year and have a "Knights Of The Roundtable" meeting to discuss trends, design and installation techniques, sales, and marketing strategies. After the meeting they would take a trip togeather and spend a weekend of fun camping in the desert, Mexico, or go to professional sports games. The group grew and Nate decided to take it beyond being just a club to an association that would still collaborate and share ideas but they would also market themselves as an association of lighting professionals to the public. They now advertise all over the USA in very high end magazines such as The Robb Report. This group runs and operates their own buisness making their own decisions, this is not a franchise. They are guys who obviously like Unique and use Unique as their primary line but they also recognize that to be a complete well rounded lighting company they need to go outside of Unique and install line voltage and other LV products alike.

    The AOLP/LVLIA has a completely different approach but share some of the same principals in terms of sharing ideas. Where they differ is the AOLP consists of Manufacturer and Distributor members and is geared towards driving the industry where the IAALL focuses more on individual lighting designs and sales.

    I hope I explained this OK. I recommend the AOLP to everyone where the IAALL is definitly not for everyone but could be a good avenue for each of you to explore on your own. The guys who call them selves members are very good at what they do! Paul Gosselin could much better describe the AOLP should you have more questions.

    (this was an old post but I figured since I am here I would resurect it and explain.)
    My spelling sucks I know!! I am dead without spell check!
  3. JackTorsed

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    Joey if someone had to choose just one which one would it be? Do you find the LVLIA worthwhile?
  4. JoeyD

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    Well like I stated both have there focuses. IAALL is more along the lines of being a franchise without being a franchise.....you pay into the association to share high end advertising costs and isnt neccesarily for everyone. Obviously if you are not a fan of Nate Mullen then the IAALL is probably not for you. But the AOLP formally known as the LVLIA I find has something to offer EVERY outdoor lighting person out there. Designers and installers alike can find benefits in being apart of the AOLP regardless of the size of your buisness. I work closely with members of both associations and in my honest opinion if I had to choose one over the other for the average lighting person out there without a doubt the AOLP is a better choice. (Nate is going to kill me) But that doesnt mean you cant find the IAALL as a benefit, I think everyone who participates in this site is qualified to be apart of the IAALL, it is something you should all explore but I without a doubt think the AOLP should be your first choice.
  5. NightScenes

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    Joey, that was a great response!! I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the AOLP as I am serving as secretary for the association. One thing of interest, the membership package that you recieve when joining is filled with coupons and offers that if used, would more than cover the cost of membership.
  6. JoeyD

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    Just doing my part Paul!! I love the AOLP and it's members. I can't wait for next years conference so you can by me a drink!!! ;)


    Scratch that, I just got a company card! DRINKS ON ME!! LOL

    Seriously I hear there are some good speakers lined up!
  7. NightScenes

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    We are making the final arrangements now. It is really going to be the best lineup yet!! This is going to be a world class seminar!!

    I'll be happy to let you by me several drinks. I'll buy for everyone else between 5:30 and 7 pm at the pool area bar.
  8. Chris J

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    You Clown! The drinks are FREE at the pool bar between 5:30 and 7! Big spender..............
  9. NightScenes

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    Chris, you weren't supposed to tell!!
  10. NightLightingFX

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    Exactually 2 years ago. I went to a "Unique University" educational seminar in Lake Tahoe. Being from Washington State there is no resources in Low Voltage lighting. So I made a special 10 hour road trip to Lake Tahoe, next thing I know I am GEEKED OUT of my mind about artistic low voltage lighting. I did more research and ran across the LVLIA. Imeadiatly I joined the LVLIA and went to my first conference 2006. If you have a passion for artistic outdoor lighting, YOU HAVE TO JOIN THE AOLP, (formerly known as the LVLIA) or you will miss the boat. You will learn so much being around other people who have a unique talent/interest in outdoor lighting just like yourself. IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!! Not to mention you get to meet some major players in the outdoor lighting industry. I thought it was really cool to meet Nate Mullen. I also befriended Tom Williams who's work I really admire. If you are considering joing and checking out the conference this Jan 08. JUST DO IT!!! I bet there is a good chance you will bump into Paul and Chris at the conference too.

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