IBDU - Why don't LCOs use it?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jmarkwood, Mar 1, 2002.

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    I keep reading about all of the government and university testing of IBDU. I have only seen it available at garden centers in Super Turf Assurance (Rockland Corp).

    Why don't LCOs use it if it is so good? Where can I get it cheaper than the garden center $50.00 for 10,000 square feet twice a year.
  2. Kent Lawns

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    Short answer: Cost.

    More Insight:
    The classic term "LCO" means a lawn application company that performs 4-7 applications per year to leave their customers lawns green, healthy and weed-free. In this type of a situation, IBDU adds little value to the equation.

    Many landscape management companies that apply on 2 or 3 fertilizer applications to their full service properties DO in fact utilize IBDU products. IBDU also is an ideal fertilizer formulation for golf course situations.
  3. tremor

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    Cost is the main reason.

    Size of prill also dictates release rate. Small prills release quickly. Big ones take longer. To realize the benefit of even balanced feeding, a blend would need to contain a large percentage od IBDU in varying sizes. This might be a little odd to spread.

    Most blenders are using very small percentages of IBDU to help contain the cost. The can say it's in the bag for marketing purposes but can't put too much in the blend or the cost soars. The result is a quality slow release source being applied at too small a rate to enjoy the real benefit available.
    I think a 50%IBDU (by weight) 50% MU40 or PolyCoat would be a nice blend so long as the IBDU is sized accordingly. Good luck trying to find one at competitive prices though.


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