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    I have been getting my icicle lights from Holiday litesource for the past 3 years and I always have problems with loose bulbs. I have to go out to almost everyones house a couple times each season just to get up on the ladder and push bulbs back into the sockets until I find the loose one and then they are fine. Is this the nature of the beast or am I buying crappy lights? Are you guys having these kinds of problems? I sell the customer the lights 1 time but replace them as needed over the years. They pay 2/3 the price every year after the first year. I am going to replace entire sets this year and want to get some stuff that will last longer than 2-3 seasons. I am not ready to go LED yet.

    Thanks for any insight, TF
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    find yourself a touchless live circuit tester at Lowes, they are in the electricians tools section. they cost about 20 bucks and are made by greenlee,fluke, and others. you can follow the wire that is going into and out of each bulb socket until the tester stops blinking or beeping, which will indicate your loose bulb.

    The easy to repair icicle lights are the ones mounted on steel frames from Holiday Bright Lights, Bethlehem/gki, and Brite Ideas. I've heard that there are others out there that have them as well. You can use a light testing unit from Hoiday light source or other comapny to buzz the 50 light circuit on each 4 foot frame to find the loose/broken/burned out bulb quickly.

    Be prepared for your own price shock and the customers you serve, you will be paying probably 12-15 times more for product than the 150-200 light icicle strings. but I am getting 6-8 years relatively trouble free out of it, and I can hopefully re-light it for around half what I pay for it if the customer wishes to stay with the design, or sell them a new design at that time. The best news is if you get access to this product, then you can offer snowfalkes, bow and swag, etc on frames and differentiate yourself as a decorator and make yourself a great reputation.

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