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icpi certification?

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I've been laying pavers for years without being certified. Has anyone else been benefited by having the icpi certification?
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Logo and all that. Great. Fine. Is the logo REALLY helping you, or is it making your local competitors feel compelled to become ICPI certified which in turn is helping ICPI make money????
Being ICPI certified's helped me win a few jobs over other contractors who aren't certified, customers around here ask a lot of questions, which is great because it helps take the hacks out of the equation sometimes. The class itself helped learn some little tricks here & there, but I'd done pavers before, so I knew the basics, just wanted the certification. Certifications might not matter to all customers, or even many of them, but if that 'logo' helps me get one job a year that I might not have without it, it more then pays for itself.
But as far as preaching certification to a client - thats a joke.
I dont 'preach' certification to my clients, but I do try to educate them. In your market ICPI certified might not mean a d*mn thing, but in my area, you'd be shocked how many homeowners are aware of what the ICPI is, theres a mason yard in town and they're constantly running ads in the local papers about selecting paving contractors and for homeowner seminars etc. They push ICPI, so when you go out to bid on a hardscape job in town, about 60% of the time, the homeowners going to ask if you're a ICPI contractor
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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