ICT Organics Introduces New Product Line

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    ICT Organics, the market leader in professional organic landscaping, announced today a new retail product line that brings its advanced product technology to the homeowner / consumer market.

    "We've worked long and hard to formulate a complete organic solution for America's gardeners," said Bill Skerrett, Founder and President of ICT. "and we are very excited to bring these tested and proven products to the American retail market. What we like most is to be able to displace the toxic chemicals with products that are not only economical, but effective...and provide great margins for lawn and garden retailers.”

    Earth Harvest Organics™ home garden products are the first to use only EPA exempt materials, and each comes in a handy, hose end applicator
    bottle so that proper consumer use is as easy as 1-2-3.

    Earth Harvest nutrient tea concentrate is an all purpose soil and plant food that both feeds the plants, and restores the microbial life of the soil

    Essential-1 insecticide concentrate is proprietary formulation of essentia loils use to repel and kill pest insects, including mosquitoes, ticks
    and fleas

    Ca Fe Lime liquid lime is a quick acting soil buffer and micronutrient
    mix that help improve soil structure and prevent nutrient imbalances

    Release soil conditioner helps open up critical pore space in compacted clay soils to improve the growth of plants

    NPP is a broad range preventative and curative fungicide that not only kills on contact but promotes plant immunity responses

    a-MAIZE-ing is a proprietary liquid corn gluten meal formulation that more effectively prevents annual weed germination than the granular

    For more information about the complete Earth Harvest™ product line, contact Bill Skerrett toll free at (866) 997-5450 or visit the brand new Earth Harvest Organics™ website at www.EarthHarvestOrganics.com

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