ICT Organics releases 4 new products

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    ICT Organics announced today that it has developed 4 new products in its turf and tree line. “There has been a tremendous demand for products in these areas”, said Bill Skerrett, President of ICT Organics. “Our 1 2 3 Instant Compost Tea line has been an instant success, these additional products have been developed due to customer demand.”

    • 1 2 3 FungalD – is a fungally dominant compost tea, this product is very effective at increasing fungal numbers in the soil.

    • 1 2 3 Hydro-Seed – This grass seed inoculant provides the bacteria, fungi and nutrients to protect the seed, enhance germination and increase plant health throughout its life.

    • 1 2 3 NPP (Natural Plant Protection) – 1 2 3 NPP is a naturally occurring multilink chain polymer that protects turf and plants by thickening cell wall lining, increased soil water holding capacity, enhances activity of anti-pathogenic bacteria/fungi, contains the most effective protein to increase biological activity in the soil.

    • 1 2 3 Tree – This is an inoculum of proven ecto mycorrhizae with Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in a rich mix of organic nutrients. This exceptional inoculum is perfect for transplanting trees. It allows protection from pathogens, increased drought stress tolerance, improved uptake of macro and micro nutrients.

    “We are very excited about these new products” said Bill, “As you can see we have had inputs from several different sides of the industry and ICT Organics has responded quickly”. “The watershed associations need a product to reduce losses from transplanting trees, the companies out stabilizing the soil need better germination rates and long term health of turf, the organic lawn care industry has asked for a fungally dominated tea.” “Our entire product line allows for sustainable practices to increase soil fertility”, says Bill

    ICT Organics is based in Columbia, Maryland and is dedicated to making products from environmentally sustainable resources. Our products are safe, cost effective, easy to use, simple to administer with repeatable, documented results. These new products will be available January 2008, preordering is available now.

    Contact: Mary Fran Skerrett

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