I'd like to start a bobcat service, but was curious.....


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I'd like to buy a good used skid-steer, and mid-sized dump truck. before I made such an investment, I'd like get some opinions on this type of business from anyone already doing this kind of work. I know you can make great money doing this. <p>About a year ago, I had to pay a guy $200 to haul 13 yards of dirt out of my backyard. He showed up with his skidsteer in tow, and was all done in an hour. After seeing this, I knew I'd like to be able to do this type of work someday.<p>I'm open to any, and all opinions<p>Victor


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Victor you should be ably to get $50 to $85 per Hr. truck charges run anywhere $50 to $120 per hr depending on size of truck, One problem I saw did they have to hual out that dirt you had moved or was that removed not may trucks hold 13 cu. yds unless its a semi. Around here we get 13 to 16 cu. yd. per semi depending on weight of the dirt most semis only hold 20 cu. yd.<p>----------<br>paul<br>


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I'll preface my response by saying I may be suffering from a lack of vision for this biz idea.<p>I know nothing about the Columbus area, other than it is larger than where I live. Where I live, I don't know if a 1-man skid loader/dump truck operation could stay busy 40 hrs per week, at least at the beginning. At the surface it seems like it'd be a lucrative side line to some other service you could offer - trucking for stone places, full blown excavation business with this on the side, that kind of thing. I just am concerned that, at least in this market, the people that'd need that kind of thing done would either spend the 200 hours doing it via wheelbarrel, or hire a company to do it, AND the landscaping they needed done. They wouldn't hire one co to do the trucking, then find another co to do the scaping.<p>This is just my opinion, based on my knowledge of my market. It might all mean nothing where you are.


First off, if you want advice on what skidsteer to get, there was an earlier post about them. Around here (connecticut) not many people do one person bobcat services. I've seen a lot of contractors with bobcats around here. The main brands are Bobcat and New Holland. To start off you may want to talk to contractors in your area and tell them about your service. They could contract you to do work, or just refer you. Also, attachments are another thing. If you do soil preparation for people, like working for building contractors preparing the ground for grass, look into a harley rock rake or an attachment like that. I'be seen them around here, and they do a really nice job. Also, a 4in1 bucket can also do many tasks. If you are located in a spot where you get snow in the winter, you may want to think about a plow or snow pusher. Skidsteers are great for places due to their small size. With different attatchments,you can provide more serivces. Hope this helps!<p>Bryan<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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