ID this GRASS that is a weed in a KBG lawn....?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Apr 22, 2014.

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    I hope nobody posts anything about how customers always misidentify weedy grasses as crabgrass. Apparently LawnSite members call all weedy grasses crabgrass.

    What identifying characteristics are you using to make your determination?

    From those two photos, I saw leaf tip shape, veination, ligule, auricle, collar, inflorescence, and a hint of vernation. What grass species do all of these characteristics point you to?

    Hint: crabgrass is NOT the right answer!
  2. ted putnam

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    Yep. Not used to seeing it up that close so that and the fact that its in KBG threw me off for a second but the little seed top was my clue...

    If we didn't spray Fall pre's, that stuff would take over
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    Kentucky 31 ?
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    We have a neighborhood to my southern end of coverage that is heavy sand. Once the heat turns on in the summer about 80% of the lawns are covered with what appears to be a yellow bluegrass. Nobody has it figured out as it's in about every lawn companies yard. I have spoken to several turf "experts" including those at Purdue with no success. I'm wondering if I was to target a section of one yard for treatment of Poa Annua what my luck would be. Might give it a shot.
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    Because you're cool season turf, you can eliminate the glyphosate and the sulfonylurea family of herbicides(more than likely, not safe for KBG*read label to confirm). The simazine and atrazine which used at high enough rates to kill poa will probably do damage to the KBG as well. That leaves you with imazaquin(which I used to kill Fescue in the past, may not be good for KBG either) and ai I know absolutely nothing about.

    ..Your options are very limited.

    If I were in your area and it was a huge problem I would be applying a pre either as late in the Fall as I could or as early in the Spring as I could.

    That doesn't help your present situation though...
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    That isnt K31 know that for sure.
    Apparently my guess was off too. Answered my own question in fact. Doh!

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