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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ormond32176, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Ormond32176

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    The gov't redid a sidewalk by my house and threw a couple pieces of sod down with this kind of grass. It looks similar to what they use in some of the medians. I want to find out what this is because they laid it down in some sand, without water, and without fertilizer, and it is growing like a wild fire. My yard is almost completely sand and we have struggled to really get anything to grow in it, but this has really taken off.

    The first picture is what they put down and the second is where it has spread to. There is a little St Augustine, but I am looking at the thinner blades. I'm thinking Bermuda, but any confirmation would be great.
  2. turfmd101

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    Most likely, Bahia, (Pensacola) variety.
  3. TX Easymoney

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    Looks like nutsedge
  4. Mike A

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    That's what I thought too
  5. Jallal

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    Has it gone to seed at all? If so, is the seedhead about 12-18" tall and V-shaped?
  6. Ormond32176

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    Haven't seen any.
  7. Jallal

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    It looks so much like Bahia but if you aren't seeing any seeds, I wonder about that, since Bahia seeds so rapidly.
    Does this help, at all:
  8. woodlawnservice

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    Its not Bermuda... Bahia or sedge I'm guessing
  9. I would say it is "yellow nutsedge" if you can pull it up it should have a little bulb. I've read that their is a herbicide called "sedgehammer" that is spouse to take care if it.

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