ID this sulkey and recommend wheel bearings

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    If you take either of the old bearings...
    And clean it up real good, hopefully there are still some numbers on the rubber cover that goes on the outside of the balls between the inner and the outer race, this cover is one each either side of the bearing and is there to (supposedly) keep dust out, yes it is called a dust cover.

    Should be something to the effect of RS-1234
    (as in letters RS followed by FOUR numbers, sometimes it's only R)
    And it might be 1234-RS or some other nomenclature.
    A magnifying glass tends to come in handy.

    If you can read the numbers off that cover...
    You can probably find your bearings, probably for under $10 the pair, with shipping.

    You'll be looking for sealed ball bearings.
    But you HAVE to have those numbers.

    Here are some examples of what those numbers look like and why:

    And you may have to take apart the good side for this to work, still I can't guarantee a readable dust cover.
    The other option is to take measurements.

    Guess what folks?
    Extra bonus: If you paid attention you'll never again pay $50 a set for spindle bearings.
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