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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by slamjamrockinman, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,
    Well its that time of year again. Still have a few more weeks up in the north here, but I figured i'd start scheming up a leaf system this year. Being my partner is away at school, I will have to put a leaf box on my truck and pull the equipment on the trailer this year instead of using two trucks like last year. I was thinking of buying a load handler to unload the leaf box I will be putting on my truck.

    So i utilized the search feature and did some digging on the load handler. The usual complaint I have heard about the load handler is material getting stuck between the front wheel wells. Well it got me thinking. If I could rig a system to prevent that. I can already anticipate the problem because of the way we mulched, shredded, and packed leaves into our trailer box last year.

    I was thinking of maybe making two boxes that essentially extend the wheel wells to the front of the bed, and that way there is no resistance of material trapped in that area of the bed. Or maybe I could build a setup in my bed out of wood that is shaped like a dump insert is (no wheel wells) and maybe attach the slick matt in the middle and have the roll sheet slide right over that. Any load handler veterans want to shed some light on this? Seems like an easy fix to the common load handler dilemma? Anyone ever do anything similar to this? I figured someone has had to, I'm not saying I have the next biggest idea in makeshift leaf unloading setups. Advice is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a great fall!

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