Idea to give fresh color to mulch. Worked well!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by robert payer, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. robert payer

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    Well here is a great idea that worked well here at home. Of coarse to start of I do not have a lot of square footage as far as shrub beds. Mulched this Spring and color sure faded quickly!

    Top dress beds with thin coating of peat and lightly water so that it will adhere. I use a home made sifting screen that is about 2.5 Feet square to apply peat for new color. Really works and looks great. If it is not watered that first time it will blow away. Watering it down binds it to the existing mulch. I had an idea to mix a bottle of Elmers glue into a 3 gallon back pack sprayer to wet it down with the Elmers as a sticking agent. Just water alone has worked well. This peat looks nice for a very long time. Some how it seem to bind to the mulch with just the first watering.

    Unfortunately this process can only be practical with limited square footage of beds.

    Other ideas of any kind are welcome here. What ideas of yours or others did reading this remind you of? Brainstorming makes Lawn Site a real thinktank!

    Thank you for reading this post. If any down side exists for plants from my idea, I am open to learning of it.
  2. dforbes

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    sounds like a great idea. you said it last a long time can you be more specific. most of our bed work is pretty big but I have a few around 3000 sq ft. is this to large?
  3. greenman

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    why not just turn the mulch to make it look fresh?
  4. GroundKprs

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    Lot easier to use a spray on mulch colorant. Usually lasts several months, because it is designed to resist photodegradation. Mulch Magic is one brand name, and Lesco also carries it.
  5. TurfGuyTX

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    from DFW
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    I use mulch colorant also. It's fairly inexpensive and can have a good profit margin.
  6. heygrassman

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    I am hearing that the mulch colorant is only industrial food coloring?? Any one that can verify that??

  7. Hillsman

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    why don't you just use the dyed ulch and save yourself the trouble of fading and remulching. Charge alittle extra and raise the price. If you inform the client that the mulch will last 4 months longer and is worth the expense it will save you time and increase you overall profits...

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