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    Not trying to pick you apart, but if you treat your employees so well (in your opinion), why do you think you have such a high turnover? Have you thought of changing some of your systems/policies in order to keep turnover lower? Seems like you could be saving a lot of money (not that it's my business) buy keeping employees longer.
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    I should have known we were gonna get picked apart by discussing financials on here. The only way I know how to answer this question is that we live in an area where large LCO's are a dime a dozen. We are just one of many around here and the guys will leave for a quarter more an hour. Obviously our systems and policies have worked well for us. Our laborers will leave us and we do have a high turnover rate when it comes to them, but the drivers, foreman, account managers and supervisors have all been with us for a long period of time. Those are the employees that keep us going in the right direction. It is not uncommon for a laborer to stay for a season and leave the next around here.

    Come work for us for a year and see what I mean!
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    I guess maybe I was asking more if you would consider changing your systems in order to keep laborers longer or hiring different types of laborers. I mean, whatever works for you is fine...I was just more curious than critical.

    But I would like to work for you guys or observe your operation.
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    We have looked at changing some things or bumping up pay, but when your guys will jump ship for only a quarter more an hour, how high do you raise the bar before you start losing money? What we have in place seems to work pretty well for us. I would love to hire some more guys that just finished school and are looking for experience but it seems like they want $100k a year to start. Everyone has gotten so proud of themselves they wont work their way up.

    I really need to contact the History Channel and get us set up on a TV show so everyone sees what its like at Ideal. It would probably be a much drama around here. haha. But some of the projects we work on are really cool and would make great tv.
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    Keep the questions coming guys...This really is a neat website where everyone can learn from each other.

    I would steer clear of the $ talk though. Everything is different everywhere you go. You cant really compare employee pay and customer pricing. Cost of living is different everywhere.

    Marketing is a good topic, growth, equipment and project management are good ones as well. I could flood this thread with pictures, but the discussion is great too.
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    Yeah I understand about a lot of people are too proud to work long term in order to build up their pay/benefits. They want it concept of future rewards.

    Do you guys do a lot of night work? Where I work, we do a lot of midnight mulch pumping at shopping centers to avoid the cars. Then we have a another crew take the truck to the HOA complexes during daylight
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    Most of our nighttime work takes place if we have a ribbon cutting or grand opening and have been given a short time frame to complete it. We really try and let our guys go home and enjoy their families at night and on the weekends. The only time we will work through the night for other reasons would be for snow and ice removal or prevention.
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    Have you ever tried to get more production out of the residential crew? I see you guys are big on quality and have a system of audits, but have you ever tried putting the driver on a mower? I remember you saying either a area or account manager visiting a diff site everyday couldn't you let them do the field report and handle customers? Not being critical just wondering if a three man crew could do 15 or more depending on windshield time......
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    Really, there is no windshield time. 130 of our residential accounts are in the same gated community. 80% of them have been with us for a long time and absolutely love their foreman...If we took away the personal aspect of it we would drop customers like flies. Account managers will only visit a residential property 1 time a week and will rarely speak with a homeowner. It is the foreman's job to educate the customer on the service they are getting and leave them with a field report after it is complete. The account manager might not see the property for 2-3 days after it was complete. Our clients are trained on our system so it all works flawlessly.

    All of our residential properties are close together...if the truck is moving we are losing money. We have a few that are way out there, but their price reflects that and one of our commercial crews can swing in and knock them out quickly.

    I can assure you in our 19 years we have tried everything to mainstream our operation...the system we currently use works great for us and we continue to grow year after year.

    **with the amount of detail expected by our clients and their ever changing list of "honey do's" we could never fit 15 properties in on a days schedule. We have done it before when all we are doing is blowing off hard surfaces after a heavy rain, or when its simply too hot to mow.
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    Everything looks amazing. What does a field report entail?

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