Idearc Media -Super Pages- Rip Off

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by shortgrass01, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Be warned... They Flat out took money from me. Although it was not a lot, I was very upset. Last year I sign up for pay per click Them and Google. Placed a balance and let it rip. At the end of the year '07 Dec. My remaining balance went fell below the some sorta of min blance and the pulled money from my account to bring it up. When i call up ask- it was automatic double talk -spin .. I must have made the mistake, I errored in some way.. They end up deleting my pay per click account, because i said on the phone- if this cant be resolved to my likeing, i have to close this account. Poof when my newly installed balance.

    This is what really bugs me, MSN uses super pages to list Business on their search engine; Although they didnt do anything for me as far as customers calls.. Google and Msn/superpages I belive are the Two big players on listing business ads. I like to have my ad listed- but dang.. I'm not going to deal with a company like that. I have also read that some like their service, I wish i was one that did.. I am filling an affidavit against them because I use my bank card to pay... and I filled with the BBB. I am also filling with the city of Dallas against the business lic.
    I seen where other have mentioned this before, but i also wanted to log my dislike for they way they operate. The web spiders pick this up when you search for topic concerning this company.
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    ya Idearc Media keeps on sending me $22 bills every month , for an add i ran in their yellow pages 3 years ago, ive already payed it all off, and they keep sending these bills, sketchy-

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