Ideas for backyard? And Question about big Japanese Maple

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CraigL, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. CraigL

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    Hi all,

    Warning: Yard is still under construction and grass has just started to grow in.

    OK First a question about the japanese maple in the picture below. I got a very good price on this big maple and had it installed recently. The few times we visited the nursery where we got it it was a bright bright red (in spring) it was beautiful. In summer we stopped by and it had turned green (which is normal I think). We had it installed in our yard a few weeks ago and it has begun to drop its leaves and the tips of alot of the leaves look crisp. We did had a real bad wind/rain storm blow through a few weeks back. Anyway, just looking for some relief that this is normal (not many other trees have dropped leaves yet).

    Secondly, I was thinking of putting in a Yoshino Cherry next to the maple or maybe some other tree with a contrasting color.

    Thirdly, I was looking for ideas for what to put in the flower boxes. I thought the one on the right could have a Yoshino in it as an option, or some other tree. Maybe someone with one of those landscaping software applications could sketch something up real quick?

    Thanks in advance,

    DSCF4702 (Medium).JPG

    DSCF4701 (Medium).JPG

    DSCF4700 (Medium).JPG

    DSCF4698 (Medium).JPG
  2. CraigL

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    Here is a picture of the maple at the nursery from spring-ish time. Also, we had a late freeze here in Nashville which killed most of the leaves on it. Which is why they say the leaves wont change in the fall.

    DSCF4122 (Medium) (2).JPG

    DSCF4121 (Medium).JPG
  3. Lawnworks

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    How much did you give for the jap maple? My idea for the boxes would some anchor plants and then overflowing perennials or annuals around them.... I just would not use standard shrubbery in the boxes... something that is going to look more like a garden.... taxus, ornamental grass, jasmine, giant lariope, aztec grass just something different.... and group them in 3s or 5s. What about adding another layer of 4x4 on the middle box to give some height variation? Maybe just one anchor plant in the center of the middle box. I would just experiment w/ some different plants and try to find unique combinations.
  4. CraigL

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    The maple was 1000$. The nursery had it for years after being stuck with it by a customer.
  5. VO Landscape Design

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    We have a Yoshino Cherry in our side yard, ours says it will get 40' tall. Beautiful tree in Spring with the flowers and a real nice shape too. My brother was impressed with ours so he planted one near his deck/hot tub.
    The Jap Maple might just be stressed.
  6. CraigL

    CraigL LawnSite Member
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    Can you plant a Yoshino in the fall?

    Also, how would I "destress" the maple? More watering? Or is there a fertilizer I can add?
  7. Lawnworks

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    Fall is the best time for planting. It is too late to do anything for the maple now. Should be just fine in the spring... is the tree irrigated?
  8. LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thats a pretty tree. Personally I would make it a focal point. Nice large bed, with some black mulch, some medium sized rocks, and some smaller accent plantings, landscape lighting, and maybe a small water feature nearby. Very Zen like.
  9. Mike33

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    You actually paid 1000.00 for a tree?
  10. AGLA

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    It is quite common for Japanese Maple to defoliate early when planted late in the season. Keep it well watered up until freezing. That tree was not well treated if it had been kept the way it is shown in the picture. It is pretty hard to water that properly that way especially this year.

    These often have desication over the winter if they are not watered late in the year. Don't be surprised to see branches that do not leaf out in the spring, if you don't keep up the watering this fall.

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