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  1. PaulJ

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    In another thread you said that the new xr-7 deck wasn't going to be available on the standard or super walks. Why not? If the new deck is soo much better then put it on the high end Super WB line.

    I think HUstler really missed the boat in NOt promoting the SWB line and getting them out to the dealers. I had to practicly BEG to get mine.

    I am looking forward someday to seeing a trim-star that I hear so much about but I doubt it will be around here. Hustler has something so great with the h-bar controls and they aren't letting it be known.

    I have some other great ideas and concepts for your engineers to work on. Just ask.:)
  2. mowerconsultant

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    As the high end hydro walk behind market has declined in recent years (due to smaller and less expensive ZTR's) we have had the unfortunate decline in sales of these (high end hydro walk behinds) units, thus the end result being we have decided not to produce these units anymore.
    The expense (to produce) and low volume sales of these models, has forced us to make this decision.

    The following units will no longer be produced.......

    925677 HWB15KAW37A
    925669 HWB15KAW48A
    925651 HWB17KAW48A
    925644 HWB17KAW54A
    926238 HWB17KAWES48A
    926246 HWB17KAWES54A
    926129 HWB23KAWES48A
    926137 HWB25KAWES54A

    There is a fair amount of inventory of these at the factory, distributors and dealers, with a couple models having limited #'s of availability.
    We will continue to service and provide parts for many, many years to come on these units.
    Parts availability will not be a issue, as we provide parts for units we built 30 plus years ago still.
    The TrimStar series (gear drive and hydro) of walk behind mowers are the future of walk behinds in our product line up.
  3. PaulJ

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    I sorry if I sound rude eb-ut that is one of the biggest and dumbest thing I have ever heard. Your Super WB is the absolute best WB ever built and noone knows it. Hustler should be demoing these to everyone they can. NO other company even comes close for control, stability and POWER. Why should a WB be cheaper built than a rider?? A well built WB is MORE versital and A better machine for someone who can only have one main mower.
    Or has Hustler forgot about the little guy?
    I can understand if The standard frame with the same hp as the trim-stars seems like redundancy but IMOH A 48" deck needs at least 20hp to make be good commercial mower.
    Also the super WB have almost the same deck as the XR7 already. I widened the discharge slightly and put airflow baffles (from the shortcut parts book) on mine and It sure looks close to the pics of the "new" deck.
    Without the Super WB line there is going to be A huge hole in the marketplace. Just like Giving up on the shortcut.
    Tell the brass to PLEASE reconsider this .
  4. mowerconsultant

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    Trust me....
    The "brass" reads this board on a daily basis...
  5. grassbandit

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    I second that
  6. David Grass

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    WOW, You have the best walk behind and are going to discontinue it? My wife uses the 54 and loves it. I was hoping you would even put out a 60 super soon with new deck. The ONLY 2 walkbehinds I would ever use are, the Toro BELT DRIVE, and Huster H bar. Keep making parts because we might buy used ones up, in the future.
  7. mowerconsultant

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    The next generation of Hustler walk behinds, The TrimStar's are not being discontinued and are selling very well.
    2nd generation H-Bar steering, XR-7 decks, and less expensive also.
    Check them out.
  8. PaulJ

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    And smaller engines and smaller tires and smaller air filter and smaller frame, etc... All reasons I bought the super walkbehind.
  9. PaulJ

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    The super WB are the best WB in the wourld I haven't see a trimstar yet. and probably won't because your dealers don't know a good thing when they see it.

    Is it true that the trimstar uses a transaxel like the fasttrack? Which is a lower end machine?
  10. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
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    The TrimStar hydro walk behinds use Hydro Gear IZT transmissions (2 of them).
    These have the same rotation group as the BDP-10 pumps.
    We have used these hydros in the FasTrak for almost 5 years now, they are great hydros and have worked very good.
    We tested for a long time with them in walk behinds and have had no problems or concerns.
    They are perfect for the applications we use them in.


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