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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by 5.0, Oct 25, 2007.

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    We are looking at a job where the stream/waterfall is going to run 25-30'
    down a sloped backyard towards the customer's house. The change in elevation on that span is roughly 6'. It may or may not collect in a small pond at the bottom, that is open at this point. Anyone do anything similar? Trying to come up with some different ideas than the usual. I will keep this thread updated with pics from start to finish.
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    Sounds like a fun project. With that much natural fall you should be able to get creative and create a natural looking feature. Your pond won't be able to be too small or you will have to figure out a way to allow for the draw down when the falls is turned on, and the over filling when the falls is turned off. This will be a huge factor if you use a really big waterfall weir at the top. You might want to use a smaller basin at the top.

    Consider using some really good size boulders here and there so the stream isn't so uniform looking.

    I will post the stream I built as soon as it is finished this week. We did a small flagstone area surrounding the top of the falls. Instead of using a plastic waterfall weir at the top I made a natural looking spring at the top. The water bubbles up through the river rock before it cascades over the first fall. I will plant some bog plants in the "bog" spring to soften the look..
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    Here is a photo of the one I am talking about. It isn't finished yet. We had just temporarily gotten the pump going to test it all.


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