Ideas for mulch storage at shop (Wood or Concrete)

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by madness0827, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. madness0827

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    I am planning on having mulch delivered to my shop next year. I want to build a bin able to hold around 90 yards of mulch. I am trying to decide what to build the bin out of. I have seen the big concrete blocks (each block costs $40), but i was thinking of building it out of wood. What do you recommend? Please post pictures of your storage areas. Thank you
  2. mbigred

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    the concrete blocks would up better over time
  3. metro36

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    I have seen them made of wood but I actually think concrete would be cheaper. The one I saw was about 10wx16dx6h, give or take. It looked like he had taken 6"x6"x10' and buried them 4' in the ground with some concrete around them every 2' along the sides. Then he ran 6"x6" back at an angle from the top of the vertical ones down into the ground. All of the connections were made using some pretty heavy carriage bolts. He then covered the frame with 2"x8". Again bolted on. Everything was made from treated wood and it seemed to be holding up alright. It was made pretty heavily but it was also made before they changed the treatment used in treated wood. Today's wood wouldn't hold up as well.

    Now unless you have a cheap source for lumber and a good auger, I think blocks would be cheaper. It would be much easier to install, it could easily be expanded, and easily taken down if you ever need to move it.
  4. ralph02813

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    I think concrete will work out cheaper and not hold onto as much moisture as wood. Moisture will speed up rot and won't take as much abuse.
  5. 32vld

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    I have seen farmer's upstate going away from barns and silos to constructing what looks like a three sided concrete basement foundation with the open side flush with ground levelso equipment can be driven into the structure with soil graded up against the three sides to store their hay covered with a tarp.

    Don't need a tarp to cover mulch though they built it with concrete to last and for strength.

    Now for those not experienced and or have the tools to do cement work wood becomes a tempting alternative. Thing is wood is not cheap and won't last as long but more people already have the tools to work with wood.

    Comes down to what you can afford, what your skills can do, and how long does the structure have to last.


    DIXIECONTRACTING LawnSite Senior Member
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    Concrete block ( "MAFIA BLOCK " ) would work best
  7. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    IMO, concrete floor with large concrete block sides.
  8. BufalinoLand

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    being half sicilian, im gonna have to go with the mafia blocks

    in the near future were putting up a 40x80 pole barn,with mafia blocks lining the back and side walls, so we can load mulch and firewood with a skid steer
  9. CrownScapes

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    Agree block, you cant build wood structure. For that pride. Not to mention if you want move or change things later on
  10. Swampy

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    Seen a hybrid of the bottom 2 or 3 rows being the concrete blocks then a 2x6stud wall top with a roof on top of it. Looked nice,2x6 lined the inside, was used as a salt bin in winter.

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