Ideas for pricing bed eding, please.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1BadHawk, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. 1BadHawk

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    Ive had a large number of people ask me this year about eding their beds. Most of which have no edge what so ever, grass, then mulch , if that. Some of the ones I picked up I did by hand. A PIA, but thats ok, because the rest of the job was worth it.

    I'm thinking about getting an edger for next year, and I hear with a good edge you can really establish a nice deep clean cut edge in no time. Im wondering, how do you price for this service? Im assuming by the foot, but whats a going the going rate in your area and or what do you charge?

    Thanks in advance your help.
  2. 1BadHawk

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    nothing eh?
  3. rodfather

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    We charge 85 cents a foot.
  4. AWJ Services

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    The edger I used cut a deep edge but it was so step going into the bed that the pinestraw tries to stand straight out and will not lay in the trench.I had too take a had shovel and take the bed side down to make the pine straw lay right.With the right blade design it would be better.All of the edgers I have seen have similar blades.I live in Georgia and the clay makes it a pain and then the trench has to be cleaned out.I used a blower and it was messy.
    The yard looks good know but it was alot of work.
    Oh also they probally had 400 or 500 feet of bed s too edge maybe more.
    I did it mixed in with some other stuff so I did not have to figure exactly.
    I would not do it for less than a dollar a foot.
  5. JON K

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    part of regular maintenance at $.85 that would be over $20.00 for a 25' bed. How could charge that on top of price of mowing the grass. I Edge with a stick edger every week on my accounts.
  6. Gilla Gorilla

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    This is what they are talking about but you can use a stick edger with a new blade to keep the grass from growing over the edge after it is already defined.

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  7. Green-Pro

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    Same here, I just started a job last Monday, front bed alone was 145' The beds around the rest of the house and outlying parts of prop. are at least another 375-400' . I will also put edge around all trees. I use a Echo stick edger then go around and pop any excess material out with shovel. 145' took me a hair over an hour to do. Good money at .85 per foot, around here you wouldn't get much more than that.

  8. Coffeecraver

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    from VA.
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    1.50 per ft. For an edge that has never been created
    ( I edge by hand with a spade)
    Includes creating the edge,and removing the debris

    .75 cents a ft for an edge that needs a little work but just needs sharpening
    Includes sharpening the edge,removing light debris.

    1.75 per sq.ft for weeding a bed this is an extra
    includes weed removal,and hauling debris

  9. TurfProSTL

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    :rolleyes: So a 500 sqft bed would be $875?
  10. rick2752

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    Do you guys really get that kind of money for weed removal? That wouldnt fly here. Wouldnt a bed depend on number of weeds or is that a price for all year? How many weeds are you really pulling in a landscaped bed.

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