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  1. i have some potential customers who want an overhaul on these two beds. the one next to the house will be cleared of the current plants. I was thinking plumbago or thryalice for this are. The other "curvy" bed will have some stuff removed such as the fern, the roses,etc. what would be good plant choices for this area? the lariope will most likely stay. also, what would be nice to plant around the oaks? thanks in advance....
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    I'm not to knowledgeable on plants for FL.

    I will say, the bed next to the house could use a trellis of some-sort and maybe a climbing rose. The bed seems narrow, but could use some height against house as you have a blank canvas.
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    Some sort of trellis against the wall would look nice. Not just 2 4x4's with lattice in between but something a little more creative. Maybe something that starts lower (4') and goes up in levels. like a 4' high section, then 5', 6' etc... Some passiflora or Lonicera sempervirens would be pretty cool against that wall.

    In front of the trellis a lighter colored grass may look nice against a dark green climbing vine. Maybe some purple love grass or Muhly grass would be cool.

    Thats probably as much as you could do with such a narrow bed. Maybe just put the same grass on the other side of the walkway with some sort of vertical at the end near the house (on the right hand side). A small specimen tree of some sort.

    I'm not sure about the bed with the small oaks, possibly just fill it in thicker with liriope. I have never really cared for small beds just out in the middle of the turf.

    Hopefully this helps a little.
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    Use tis against the house mixed in with some african iris or flax lily.You get you some nice 7gal tis and they'll be about 5-6 foot.If the beds at least 3 feet wide you could do some lantana or knock outs.The plumbagos grow to fast for that area.You'll be trimming the blooms of.Those oaks are way to close together.Your looking at an easy 80ft spread on them.I would make the bed bigger and throw the ti's in the center to give a little vert color.Wrap that with your plums and then do your lower layer in the iris.
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    Whats the budget.Tell them that price not only affects the amount but size and variety.I'll pick aztec grass for 1.50 or some coonties for 25-50 a piece.Knock outs are 2 times the price of an azalea.Perenials stretch the budget alot farther.Hell 1 gal stretch the money.Give me a little more info and I'll try to help some more if what I've already posted wont work
  6. Ck, i just met with them this past week and this is what they want:

    First, im going to clean up the main bed and get rid of everything. Im going to keep the ligustrum on the side bed and next to the ixora. I suggested a palm(robelinii/christmas/foxtail) for the main bed as a centerpiece and they really don't want a palm. The wife really wants a silver buttonwood which i think will look good. I'm going to surround the sb with ixora and then along the walkway use green island ficus. then in the area nearest to the door, i was thinking of using razzleberry and surrounding it with ixora, then green island along the straight bed that leads to the ligustrum. they liked this idea a lot. i suggested faka grass in front of the oaks, but they weren't too crazy about it. i think it will look awesome. im going to try and pitch it one more time.

    also, should i just roundup the bed before planting to get things done quicker and help them save some $? should i also use a preemergent as well?
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    Roundup will take longer to work than a preemergent. The preemergent will just help keep new weeds from forming after your done with the beds.

    Roundup won't kill any seeds.

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