Ideas on a new logo for my new lawn care business.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Holland, May 13, 2013.

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    Hey guys.
    I just over the last few months started my lawn care business. Over the last few months I've bought myself all the equipment I need to start and I've also added a few customers along the way. I know I'm starting a bit late in the season, but I just now recently have the ability to put forth all my time into this business. I'm not trying to get 100 customers overnight but take the slow but steady approach and perform a great service. I plan on doing a bit of marketing as in a few signs, mabey some door hangers, and a new business card etc. Do you guys have any recommendations on creating a logo? Should I pay someone locally? Online? Or buy software?
    Name is Holland Lawn Care

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  2. tonygreek

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    If you're not a graphic designer, want more than just a straight word mark, and have some budget available, please hire it out. Online, and typically more budget-friendly, there are services like 99designs and crowdspring, where you can float a dollar amount and project and let designers compete for the win. If you go local, your costs will tend to be higher, but you'll also potentially have a better one on one interaction through the process.
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    I got mine at and I love my logo. I paid 195 for the basic package with 3 logos and 2 revisions. I think they did a great job.
  4. TopNotchLandscape

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    I would suggest using a couple of images that have to do with the name of your business. If you like I will allow you to use my logo I can easily change the text or send you the logo alone. Message me if you are interested. Check it out: [​IMG]
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    Within reason, of course. Design is supremely subjective, however you don't want to obscure the name of your business with extraneous design elements. The name should be first and foremost, with the elements complimenting the name, not overwhelming or detracting from it. If someone can't drive by your truck or yardsign and quickly know who's doing the work, the design(er) has failed.

    Forgot to point out one of the main differences with local vs. crowdsourced designers is the variety of designs you will usually get. As Butler points out, 3 or 4 to choose from, and then refine, is pretty typical of the package sites or local designers. The crowdsource sites will only be limited by the number of people you attract with your bid price.
  6. TopNotchLandscape

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    I agree. That is good advice but often a catchy image will attract viewers who otherwise would not have bothered to even read the magnets on your truck / trailer and yard signs.
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    Myself, I prefer the original red version of the logo:

    Something else to keep in mind with logos is their multiple uses:

    Full color for web
    B&W for silhouette use such as vinyl decals
    simple solid colors for things like silk screen printing items
    greyscale for good display on copies/faxes
    Good design for embroidered logo on clothing
  8. TopNotchLandscape

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    Gaw! Thanks a lot! I like my version much better but maybe that is because it is my own custom version
  9. TopNotchLandscape

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    Check out they have a lot of logo options and variations
  10. KrayzKajun

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    Contact bob @ planitgraphics.
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