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Ideas on how to obtain more business???

Shannon Harris

LawnSite Member
Birmingham, AL
We have been doing this in a small way for about 3 years now. We would like to get more serious and make some serious cash. Other than cold calling on businesses and passing out flyers, can someone give us some other ways to obtain more accounts. I have a few ideas, but would like some input from those of you that have been doing some serious work. Thank you.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
If you want Commercial accounts you can contact Real Estate Management Company's and try to get you foot in the door. They maintain Codo's, Townhouses, proffesional building's and more. Thats one of our big money income suppliers is working with up to a half dozen real estate management co. We may bid on 50 to 100 different jobs, they fax us locations and sometimes spec sheets and then we do up a complete proposal with a spec sheet and mail to them. First thing is getting your foot in the door. Some people dont like or have had bad luck this way but to us it has been a profitable way to do business. And we had door hangers made up by Nebs 2000 of them, we will be passing out to residential homes in and around our area and hope a return of 5% to 7% return which alone will be a very nice income.

Five Star Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Bronze Member
As far as residential accounts go one of the best ways is just to go out and flyer a few subdivisions then which ever ones give u a good responce keep on flyering the same places. Once u start getting account built up start targeting specific houses around the ones you cut, acctually go up to there door and say "we are cutting your neiboors lawn and if u would like we can give u an estimate on your lawn." U can afford to go ahead a bid a little low since u will be able to drop your gate and do 2 or 3 jobs in one spot without travel time. Travel time is what kills any company, i have all my accounts within a 10sq mile radius. If u can minumize travel time then u can cut more houses in a day and put more money in your pocket.

Shannon Harris

LawnSite Member
Birmingham, AL
Thanks landscaper3 & fivestr19: Both of you gave us some great advice. We are going to target property mgmt co's and a few neighborhoods. I'll update you on our progress. I wish you both great success in the years ahead.


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
COME ON YOU PROS quit holden back hes not
close enough to compete with you.
I read where one fella said yellow pages
was best money he spent


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
Yellow pages are a very good place but they have been in business for 3years (Shannon Harris)and they probly have yello page add if not AWM is correct thats another place to advertise along with local town magazines, Thanks AWM for reminding that was another form of getting accounts.


LawnSite Senior Member
longisland ny
heres what i do.
car flyers on windshield
yellow pages
swap n shop on tv
telephone pole signs
advertise your business on yur truck your trailer
put business cards in your locker at your gym
dinner restauraunt placemats
fridgerator magnets
giant stickers i put on phones whitch is probally illegal also i put them in gym lockers
website soon im getting this
definately flyers for realestates
tell your customers u will give them a discount for referals
give all your customers a free company tshirt its worth the money.
old fashion word of mouth let your work speak for itself.
keychains,pens,lighters wutever were ever your business name and number can be seen .
one thing i always ask my customers is does any of your relatives or friends need lawncare
good luck



LawnSite Member
Zone 9
I'd follow ronslawncare lead! First year in business and he is headed in the right direction.

Do what ever you can think of creativley to get your name out in the public. Studies show that before they remember your name they must see it 27 times. Or one very creative marketing plan.

Can you think of the insurance company that the duck in the commercial names? Or what Insurance company uses the lizard?

Aflac and Geico

Be creative and just get your name out there. Good Luck!!!!!
I started out doing flyers at residental properties. Once I got several then I started working the neighbors I would look at their lawns and put the quote on the flyer and place it in the door or mailbox. One day a week I unload the Mowers in the morning and don't load back up until late afternoon. I will drive the mowers all over town. even carry one trimmer person and blowers to the lawns. Do about 35 lawns. On commerical lawns I just went into the buisnesses and asked if they needed someone to do their lawns and give them a quote. I advertise in yellow pages, local buisness section of newspaper. Our water bill has a newsletter in it and I advertise in it. It goes to everyone unlike a newspaper. Then it's signs on your trucks. Once your seen out cutting lawns, people will be calling you. I've even been called when they've seen my name on the internet. Hope this helps