ideas on redmax replacement?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by RickyDL77, Oct 14, 2010.

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    we have nothing but Redmax, when they first came out they were pretty good..but they pride themselves on being CARB compliant, which is good for the enviroment..I've noticed that with every new model they come out with, there are more and more problems, mainly with the carberators and issues with being less forgiving on quality of fuel and oil used in them. When i first worked on a piece of Redmax equipment i was empressed only by the engine name (Zenoah) which is a well respected motor in the RC world..but RC Cars and Planes dont need to be Carb compliant..matter of fact they are just the oppisite, they are built souly on performance.

    We have roughly 400 pieces of Redmax and i'm working on changing over to another Brand for now. I'm sure Carb regulations are making everything more unstable these days but any suggestions would be nice. I'm leaning towards Husqvarna atm..btw they bought Redmax last year because of the credits they get for selling the Carb compliant equipment, which alows them to sell their none carb engines without penalty.. hopefully they can solve some of Redmax's growing problems in the near future.

    I learned small engine repair pretty much on the fly, never been to school (thank goodness for the internet):rolleyes:. I was big in RC Cars and Boats for a while beforehand so i was not completely in the dark. For the past 4 years it's been mainly Redmax that i've worked on and i've even been certified for waranty purposes. I'm sure most all 2 stroke engines are relatively the same, acttually redmax is probly some of the more complicated to diagnose and fix with all the carb crap (reed valves, fuel pumps...soon catalytic converters so i've heard), I would prefer to have something that can take a beating but is still fairly priced..price being the main concern with the owner. lso a simpler engine setup would be nice..if they even still exist.

    Any suggestions would be welcome
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    Husqvarna purchased redmax about a year ago so they could use the strato-charged technology in their products. I'm not saying that all Husqvarna products and Redmax products are the same, just that you might want to consider that.
    The biggest problem that plagues most outdoor power equipment manufacturers is the EPA. Compliance with emmisions has restricted performance to a point where some of the products have become unreliable. Echo is a great example of this, which Is why I wont recommend any echo products at all. After about a year of commercial use the mufflers sound like maraca's and the carbs stop supplying enough fuel to the motor. They come from the factory restriced in power and they only get worse. Shindaiwa and Echo recently merged so now I am also weary of shindaiwa's.

    I like Stihl but they specialize in chainsaws. Lots of people seem to think that they are the best because of the reputation they have for building high quality chainsaw's but the fact is some of the other products they produce aren't as good as others on the market. I have had lots of problems with their 4-mix motors, specifically thier line trimmers. They have plenty of power and work well. if you can keep them running right.

    Kawasaki builds a really solid product. All thier motors run great and seem to be pretty efficient. The problem with them is that a lot of the equipment they produce uses the same parts and they feel a little cheesy, but that also makes thier products very affordable.

    Currently all of the equipment in my company is like this
    honda 21" mowers
    Exmark, and Scag, mid size and ride on mowers.
    Redmax backpack blowers
    Stihl handheld blowers
    stick edgers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers are all kawasaki.
    Chainsaw's are all Husqvarna and Stihl

    hope this helps.
  3. RickyDL77

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    thanks Threadbare, i forgot all about Kawasaki having a 2-stroke equipment line. I like their 4 stroke engines for the most part, they make up 90% of our 4 stroke equipment, the rest being honda. i'm also able to get Kawasaki at dealer cost so thats a plus in management's eyes..

    Also been Demoing a couple pieces of Tanaka equipment and one Efco chain saw. anyone know much about these lines? The Tanaka piece is a pole pruner and seems to be holding up very well as apposed to our redmax long and short pruners SRTZ-LRTZ. These have been a problem since the beginning, the Adjustable heads are just way to lose and they constantly strip gears but the Tanaka has a better clamping system instead of the bolt and bracket system. I've never heard of Efco till now but seems priced up there with Husqvarna and Stihl in the chainsaw line. he was able to sell us one for the simple fact that it's made in Italy like a ferrari lol
  4. dboyd351

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    Regarding the Tanakas, I recently bought a TCG22EASSLP straight shaft string trimmer. It is very light, well balenced and has plenty of power. Don't know about longevity, since I've only had it a few months. They are also offering a rebate that brings the price down to about $150, but the rebate takes forever to get to you.

    Are you interested in selling any of the used Redmaxes? I'm local and wouldn't mind taking a look.
  5. RickyDL77

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    I can not give you an answer on whether or not they would sell you the used equipment...but honestly you wouldnt want whatever they might want to sell you. lol these guys are really tough on their equipment, most are seasonal workers so they lack the respect of "owning the equipment" they use. on top of that they are shown little punishment for running a peice of equipment into the ground. If it were my equipment and not just something i fix, I would be chopping heads left and right.

    As for the Tanaka, we have had a pole pruner for about 6 months now and a hand held pruner.. i have let anyone use it so that it makes it's rounds to all that are very capable of breaking it lol... it has, thus far, had no issues whatsoever. for the price it seems like a very good investment so far.

    Tanaka pole pruners vs redmax pole pruners

    I have not dissasembled the Tanaka's yet but have looked over the parts diagrams, seems like the blades are 2 peice instead of that of the redmax being one piece which is nice since the redmax blades break alot at the part that interacts with the crankshaft in the gearbox before the blades are no longer able to be sharpened. Even though we have had no problems yet with the tanaka's i do like redmax for their engines (Zenoah) prob spelled wrong, These are very well spoken for in top end 2 cycle engines and very popular in the RC world. but the tanaka engines seems more simple in their design, not having the Reed Valves and all the extra crap that makes them more finiky yet effecient. we have some older model redmax trimmers(7 years old) that have outlasted the newer models(2 years old). Not sure why but they just seem to be less affected by the ethanol fuels and cheaper oils than the more "advanced" engines these days..guess complication sells better lol

    It's late, im tired and dreading the comming work week although short, so i'm going to stop here. I may post more tomorrow if i get to a point at work where i'm too pissed at all that i have to do and so little to do it with. If i forget then Happy Holidays.
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    Give Stihl or Shindy a try, none are 100% perfect but you'll like both with dealer support. Lots of brands out there, you'll find people on lawnsite rawing or bitching for all of them, so it's a pick.

    Only older style strato engines used reed valves, most don't but they're hardly a problem. Redmax made great equipment but not out-standing (i.e. stihl FS 250), they slipped with the whole emission thing and after the Husqvarna takeover rolled further down hill.
  7. Valk

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    My strato-charged hand held RedMax blower is cold-blooded first thing in the morning.
    However, my RM backpack 8001, which is also strato-charged, has been a beast - and loves to run. :weightlifter:
    I've not heard much good news about RM's trimmers lately...and this is firsthand from recent local owners, not here on LS. Perhaps their even newer line has improved? IDK.
    I truly dig my 2-stroke Stihl FS 80 that replaced my old dependable RM trimmer...but I believe Stihl has phased out 2-stroke trimmers, though I could be wrong.

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