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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jandreau, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. jandreau

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    I have a customer that would like a few bushes planted under his sign. He would like something with color to dress it up but there is only 6' between the post and he doesn't want them growing much taller than 5'. I am stumped on what to plant here and was hopping someone could throw out a few ideas.

  2. Dreams To Designs

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    That is a ridiculously harsh set of conditions you have there, including your climate. What zone is this and what are the environmental conditions? This looks like an obvious spot to pile snow in the winter and with no curbing to control runoff, the toxic rain that will drain into that area from the parking lot won't let many plants live.

    I would suggest large containers. If theft is a possible problem, go cast stone or a concrete, but a large pot filled with soil and plants and watered occasionally would be very heavy even if in a plastic, fiberglass or composite container. You will have control over the soil, watering and be able to protect the plantings as well as beautify the area. One very large or 3, 24"+ containers planted with flowering shrubs, evergreens or mix in some seasonal color would be the most effective way. A local craftsman could create a large planting box out of local materials and you can plant it with native shrubs and flowers.

  3. White Gardens

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    I agree, there's nothing but hard pavement around there. Even with the planters, the micro-climate is going to be extremely hot in the dead of summer when the pavement bakes.
  4. AGLA

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    You might consider Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'). It gets big, tolerates drought, cold, heat, and is pretty forgiving to snow piles.
  5. Smallaxe

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    Try a vine or at least a ground cover plant to start with. Bury the roots deep into some heavily composted soil. Mulch would be a waste of time, perhaps stone to protect, but a hardy ground cover should help to keep things cool for the larger plants.
    It will be easier to soak down that area during the summer heat than a pot IMHO. However you can use smaller plants higher in the air with pots, and easier for the attendants to kill.
    Be careful to sell the business only what they will care for. Plastic flowers wrapped around the poles may be your best bet.
  6. PerfectEarth

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    Grasses are a goood suggestion. The large planter idea is also good- except for the watering demands. I'd try the grasses.
  7. jandreau

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    Thank You for all the ideas I tried to convince them into a planter but they only have a small budget and not enought money to go that route.
  8. PlatinumLandCon

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    If its all they can afford, don't bother. Its a stretch to begin with trying to plant something there but don't "try to make it work within a budget", it just won't happen. You won't be able to satisfy the client like that.
  9. hole in one lco

    hole in one lco LawnSite Bronze Member
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    day Lilly's or smoke bush or bar barreys
  10. Isobel

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    A plant in a cheap container is going last alot longer than planting anything in that rocky, inorganic mix at the base of that sign.

    Couple of cheap planters, some Cotoneaster or Barberries, and you should be fine.

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