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    I am building a garage this winter. I Have out grown the house garage by a long shot. I will be building a 32x28 ish. garage. on my land. Im looking for ideas from anyone. Im mostly maintenance with mowing lots of mulching and applications. Anything y'all have done that you can't live with out?
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    I would put in some mulch bins and a place to store bulk pinestraw and an area to compost lawn debris. Multiple roll up doors to drive through and not have to back in. I would also place this in a general landscaping section not in the for sale area.
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    Don't go cheap on your foundation. Make sure you have a solid base, 4" to 6" of Concreat.
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    I just want to alert you to a possible stigmna that may be attached to your property in the future, should you choose to sell it. It could become an issue if you plan to store and mix pesticides for use in the application part of your business.

    Of particular concern are usually spillage during mixing, the rinsing/washing of your storage and spray containers and the disposal of any unused products.

    I'm not saying that you're going to contaminate your property, but the perception that you may have done so could result in a stigma being attached to your property by prospective purchasers and their lenders. Therefore, I would pay particular attention to designing those areas were you will be storing and mixing any pesticides to mimimize any such concerns.
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    This is very good advice especially if you ever want to install a lift. I would also add a tall ceiling 12-14'. That way you could lift a vehicle and walk under it.
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    Floor will be at least 6 in thick with rebar my garage now is 4-5 and no bar and it has a spider crack. Also will be putting a square drain in the floor don't have one now PITA.

    Darryl Don't think that will be a problem. We own 25 acres and are hoping to be able to buy the 30 behind us when it goes up down the road ( we have been told we have first dibs.) Its also in a small town that has a fair amount of farming so chemical are just part of life out here.

    It will probably be metal siding and metal roof. its on a slope like everything here so drive through may kill me to move all that dirt. Im trying to decide it I want my doors on gable end or not. I will be getting the widest door I can the house garage is tight on my chevy.

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    28' is a good depth to the garage. Enough space to put in full size PU/SUV/car and have room to have bench and tool box and room to do repair work and unload/load/store equipment.

    32' does not make sense 12' width is needed for each bay. Go 24' wide and with the material saved from not going an extra 8' wide and only getting 3/4 width 3rd bay go with a 2nd floor. You will have 24 x 28 office storage space.

    With the extra height you can cut open half the 2nd floor to have the needed height to install a lift.

    Have a lift co engineering dept tell you what type of floor is required to install a lift an how much head room is needed before you even build the garage.

    However I don't think the money spent buying a lift for most people is worth it. Rather spend the money to go from 24' wide to 36'.

    Now if you are thinking drive through and parking a pu with a trailer not only are you going to need over head doors on both ends you ar going to need a garage that is 48' to 56' deep. So a 2 bay garage would need to be 24' wide x 56' long.
  10. vaacutabove

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    I think thats to big i have one employe two trucks
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