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    Just wanting to get some of yalls ideas on this. Gonna be a natural area just wanna hear some of your ideas on what to plant. The guys stores his mower in the building so he will be driving over whatever I put down.



  2. o-so-n-so

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    I would use the following.

    3 Loropetalum along fence on right between trees (cameras view point)
    3 Azaleas each side of little shop.
    3 needlepoint hollies on right side in corner
    1 Spirea gold flame and some Stellas in front of the hollies
    A clump of big blue and a hosta around the left tree (holly)
    1 azalea or nandina compact at other tree.
    Would look nice if you placed a couple of medium scape boulders in the mix. (native rock if available)

    On left side of shop at rear fence

    Some Eleagnus massed with Nandina domestic in between and behind sporadic.
    Maybe a Hawthorne or two and a hosta.
    Want to see some tree trunks and soften white fence. (Not to much of any one thing)

    Recycled asphalt edged with same type rock as boulders (except small ones) at shop entrance. Will match roof top.

    edit.....a gold thread or a conifer somewhere to change up the texture a little


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