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    I just picked up a new to me Kubota B3030 with a loader. I get it tomorrow. Anyhow, weds we're starting a fairly large clean out of a very over populated property. The previous owners planted way way way too much stuff. We'll be removing about 60% of the shrubs and other plantings. All "could" be dug out by hand but why bother since I have a new tractor. I thought about just yanking them with a chain and the loader, but is there a better/quicker way?

    I'm planning on building some clamp on bucket forks to move stuff around at the shop. So I was thinking something like a small clamp on attachment that's maybe 6-8" wide would work to "pop" the bushes out from underneath. Only problem is I have next to zero time to make something. So maybe even a piece of C channel bolted on the side or bottom of the bucket or something. Anything other than using the entire 5" of bucket and making a mess. Any ideas or you think a chain on the loader would be fine? This jobs on about 1/4 acre with very minimal grass. Most is beds. Planning on hauling about 8 6x10 dump trailer loads outta there at a minimum.
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    You can pull them out if you like, but I would first take a shovel and stab the ground all the way around the bush first to prevent a long root from tearing the lawn. It takes less than a minute per bush to do that. Have a helper standby to cut any large roots as you lift it out. Hope that helps.
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    Chain ended up working OK for the real little stuff. I'm a little disappointed in this Kubota I picked up. I was expecting some more power from the loader. It struggles to yank a small bush out. We ended up just digging most out with a pick ax and using he loader to move and load piles.

    On a side note, that B3030 has a very loud transmission, seems a little weak on the hydraulics, has a crappy loader valve design and struggles going in and out of 4x4. Feels like the drive train binds up and it won't disengage easily. The 3 point lift arms quit working for a few minutes yesterday as well. Wouldn't even lift themselves up with no load but the fluid is full. It felt like it was sucking air and sorta of bouncing instead of just raising.....Only did that once then it was back to normal. Hopefully it's just me learning a different machine but I'm feeling a bit of buyers remorse.
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    #1 reason why you always demo a machine before you buy it.
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    very true, that wasn't an option on this deal tho...lesson learned. Nothing is actually broken on it, just feels really cheap. Maybe it's me but my little Kioti feels much tighter, and much more solid than the kubota. With all the great reviews on this machine I'm feeling let down. more so after running it today. With the Kubota name, I expected more.....maybe I'll get rid of it and look at a new holland, or maybe even another Kioti. Something like the CK30 would suit my needs well.

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