Identity theft


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Hello, I broke my foot back in July, and took off 4 weeks. In my absence the boss sent out other employees to do my job. Only one of them has a commercial applicators license that I am sure of. The others failed the test and didn't go back to retest. The boss denied me workmans comp. eventhough I was hurt on the job. The guys that did my job while I was off left invoices at the jobsites with my name and applicators number on them. I signed a master copy so all the invoices are printed out with it already on them. My question is, is this legal for the boss to do? Some of my customers have been calling me and asking why someone else did the work but left my name on the bill. I don't think it's right that the boss should benefit from my injury while I denied any help. I am the only employee that does the route and I have been doing it for over 21 years.