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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kc2006, May 20, 2006.

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    I just had the most F'd up experience ever in a dealers shop.

    Story begins over 2 weeks ago when I ordered a jungle jim single b/p blower rack and an adapter. I got the adapter last week and then finally got the rack yesterday. Well I get there and I noticed the reciept said TT (trimmer trap), I didn't realize it till then but they ordered the wrong one. So I took it anyway. I get home open it up, it's a dual blower rack and its a jungle jim. Now most would of kept it and went on their way, but I had a trimmer trap adapter, and if I would of went back in to get an adapter they might have caught it so I was a good person and brought it back.

    Now, knowing that I just saved them 60 bucks I said I wanted whatever would get there fastest because I'm tired of waiting. The salesman I was talking with was nice about it, he was calling their warehouse to see if they had the jungle jim in stock. So I'm standing there and the owner/manager whatever he is comes over and says "You can leave, I'll just order whatever on monday" I said no I want to make sure I'm going to get this soon I don't want to wait another 2 and a half weeks. So he said with an attitude "I'll order whichever one on monday and you'll get it when it comes in" I was pissed at this point, I said thats what they told me last time and I waited 2 weeks, I'm not doing that again. So he get's mad and says "you want a refund! I'll give you a refund!" Now chest hurts because I was so mad, but I contained myself and said "why are you getting mad at me when I just saved you 60 dollars by returning that, I'm waiting on the f'n salesman to get off the phone with the warehouse and your yelling at me!?" He walks away to his desk which is like 12 feet away and starts mfing me to another manager, so now it was toy time. I made them call all their warehouses and distributers and then run it through the computer and order the jungle jim stuff and then I said no go ahead and get the trimmer trap since i already have the adapter. Then I said oh wait ya know what, since he was a d*** to me, I just want a refund and you lost all my business.

    I'm still on fire from this! Now you see the dealers we have in this area, they don't give two shats about commercial guys! I'm dealing strictly with my exmark dealer now, he treats commercial guys right so he gets all business from now on
  2. AdamChrap

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    Wow, were in northeast ohio are you exactly? What exmark dealer do you use?
  3. AdamChrap

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    I wanted to get my concealed carry license but this is why I don't, My wife would tell you straight up no joke...............I probably would have shot him, Ok not really but she would have been afraid I would and it would have crossed my mind. I can't take that sh** I would never go there again even if my life depended on it.
  4. Freddy_Kruger

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    HEH, When I was pricing out machines and going to differrent dealers before spring (this is my first year and I had about a couple weeks of reading on these forums so I was pretty green) I went to this one dealer and the owner gets so frustrated that when some one phoned he answered, could you hold on please then dropped the phone about 10"s onto the counter, lol.

    Later when he's talking to me I'm asking about double blading (because I read about it here) he said forget it, if one of those blades comes off you could kill someone I won't help anyone with anything that is not standard.
    So I went to another dealer and dropped $3600 bucks.

    What that guy didn't realize is that months before I had been in his store and they didn't have a snow blower part. They took some info then said they will order it. I thought it was BS and forgot all about it but then 3 months later I get a phone call, they had my part. That impressed me but when he had such a bad attitude they lost quite a lot of my business. I mean I will be buying Z turns next year, I know it.
  5. kc2006

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    This was a toro dealer.

    Here's the story behind my dealer situation. I used to work for a company around here that was around for 27 years, the owner was really good friends with the exmark dealer here, and the dealer liked me because the owner talked good about me all the time. Well I left the company and started mine up and thought there might be bad blood so I didn't go to that exmark dealer for fear because he's got a temper. Well I found out my old boss continued to talk good about me, sadly I didn't find that out until he passed away this spring.

    So up until a couple weeks ago I wouldn't go to the exmark dealer even though I knew he was the best dealer around here. So I went to this place which sells toro/red hawk/JD, but they're big time residential so they don't care about commercial guys. Their "no downtime garuntee" is if they don't have it done in a week you get a demo OH WOW! But I bought all small equipment from them and ordered parts for my w/b from them too. Now I won't go there ever again.

    The dealer I go to is Bills sales and service in Austintown, he's a great guy if he likes you, he's funny though with his temper. His garuntee is 30 minutes if it isn't fixed he gives you a demo to take! You can't beat that. I bought my z from him, going to buy a 36" mower in a few days from him, probably sell my bp blower at the end of this year and get a shind or redmax from him.
  6. Precision

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    yeah, what he said, (minus the wife part).
  7. topsites

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    Yeah I had some guy get out his van the other day and start getting physical with me, I just stood there wondering if he was going to inflict some actual PAIN or if that was all he had, because I just wasn't in the mood...

    Then I think about getting some whoop-azz in a can like pepper spray, but I bought one years ago and all it does is sit around and for some reason when you have it nobody ever bothers you but as soon as you don't have it or are not thinking about it, so it's all a big waste of time lol but no guns for me.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Most of the dealers here are the same way.

    They hate us commercial cutters and it shows.
    But they don't mind taking our money, they just don't like the rest of the idea.

    Many of them are a joke to try to order something through them, so I don't bother if at all possible. There are about 2 places I would actually order a part from out of the 4 I use from time to time for odd parts. From those I wouldn't expect anything phenominal... and the remaining I wouldn't aggrivate myself with dealing with them.

    I gotta say a nearby Cub Commercial dealer has to be the friggin worst, with a few more following a VERY close second. Right now I am almost to the point of saying screw everybody and getting EVERYTHING through Lesco. I mean every piece of equipment... and my service center is 80 miles away, so everything will have to be shipped to me. But atleast I won't have to BS around when I need something.

    Either that, or I buy local in-stock small stuff, get several major parts supplier catalogs and... 'GASP' a credit card order with.
  9. kc2006

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    Oh don't hate the credit card. If it makes it easier on yourself, do it!

    I hate writing checks so I'm trying to go to as much credit card as possible. Fuel is all on credit card for me now, I just pay it off monthly, 1 check a month is better then one or two a week, going to the bank cashing it, keeping track of it. Blah it's so much easier with the card.

    I lucked out having the exmark dealer right here, he's about 4-5 minutes away from my house, all back roads. He seems to have almost taken me under his wing since I started going back to him. He always gives me business advice, treats me like his own son almost, it's nice to go in there and have a friendly first name situation. Instead of getting yelled at for bringing a part back and saving them money :D haha
  10. Gatewayuser

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    I have had a dealer like that which is funny because now he sees how big I'm getting and comes by everynow and then to try to get my business back but it won't happen.

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