Idiot Drivers....and how to chase them!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HighGrass, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. HighGrass

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    I live and work in a college town. Now that in itself introduces alot of interesting driving to say the least, but the other day, I swear, I almost snapped. I parked on the street and was finished loading the mower and locking down the trimmer. I always look both ways for traffic because frankly, some of these locals I don't trust as far as I can spit. Sure enough as I was standing by my trailer this guy (with two little kids no less) drives by me about 50mph...about 6 inches from me. After a quick check to make sure I wasn't missing any equipment (if you know what i mean) Quick, Blue Honda Element, plate it. Jump in the truck, and without being too agressive, I followed him up the street. Well, I lost him....but only for about five minutes.

    I find his car (if you can call it that) parked at this house and so I stop, walk up to the door and ring the door bell. He comes to the door. I ask him if that's his car and was he driving it just now. He says yes. I tell his simply to please try to slow and suddenly gets all defensive and says he was only driving 35mph. I said, no problem, I'll just go back to my truck and call my friend the local PD and since i don't have any other accounts for the rest of the day, I'll be happy to wait for a cruiser to swing by as I report an attempted assault. He freaks and starts babbling. Then this guy says I'm out of line and never come buy his house again. I turn around and tell him he's full of crap and that I expected a "real" man to man conversation to be honest and if he ever pulls that crap again, I'll have him arrested or at least cited. 35mph my as*!

    I've seen him since. He drives ALOT slower. Gives me this look like I have fungus on my forehead.

    Let's face it, if you park on the street, your life is on the line. You put out 2-3 bright orange cones, and every Ernhardt wanna- :angry: be feels like he has to come close to them at full speed.
  2. lawnwizards

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    you would've felt funny if when you confronted him, he pulled out a gun and shot your a$$. i would've just let it go. just my .02

  3. MOW ED

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    They are everywhere. I have seen the same thing with my trailer and I have also seen goofs almost hit me and my guys on the Fire Dept. while we are working on the street.
    I get very upset as we are sitting ducks for these idiots and they don't really care. Everyone is in such a freakin hurry. I give ya credit for hunting him down and speaking your mind. He sounds like a little weasel but at least you made hime know that someone is watching. Stay safe.
  4. grass-scapes

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    I had a similar situation the other night. I know I didn't handle it right, but damn it, I was pissed. This idiot kept weaving in and out of traffic. cut me and my big heavy trailer off 2 times, causing me to use my brakes very heavily. Anyway. he wasn't really getting anywhere any faster. He cut me off again and I blew the horn and flashed the brights. He flipped me off. Well, he got back behind me again. Well, it just so happened that I had about 12 oz of warm gatorade left in a cup next to me. He comes flying by, and the gatorade accidently spills out the window. I thought his car had anti lock brakes, but by the squeal, they weren't working....LOL. He jumps in front of me again and tries to bring the entire road to a standstill. But he thinks better since it is very busy. he weaves in and out and gets in the turn only lane to try to cuss me out. he nearly rear ends another car.

    I know I was wrong to incite this type of behavior, but damn it, these idiots have to know we cant stop these big trucks with trailers on a dime. He is lucky he got gatorade on the car instead of my blue paint.
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    in these situations, I am definately very glad for electric trailer brakes- on both axles! Yes i have had to lock them up (manual override) multiple occasions. Also i am glad for a 7.5 liter 460 cubic inch big block, with dual glasspacks. Yes, even with loaded trailer it can make idiots think twice about being stupid around me :D Its slower than 85% of the cars on the road (not counting commercial trucks etc.) but i guess some people really don't beleive that if i get ticked off i'll put the ponies to the ground, i guess :confused:
    Once, i was in another vehicle not my truck and someone offended me with their traffic maneuvers, twice within a few minutes! The first time they almost got T-boned in a parking lot as it was an open lot and they cut right in front of me, seeing that i was there. i don't think they were in a hurry to get anywhere either just being really stupid. i followed them for about 10 minutes but it was about 8 or 9 (dark) and i was by myself, they started to go downtown near some rougher areas of town so i let off, didn't want to get into a death trap if ya know what i mean ("hey guys meet me at so-n-so, i got a punk thinks he's sumpthin lets show him, we'll be there in 2 minutes") anyway....
  6. geogunn

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    highgrass......and everyone else......what we have here is a case of poor/careless/reckless (insert your own word here) driving that ended in road rage.

    by going after the guy and winding up confronting the guy on his own property, highgrass escalated the situation to a confrontation.

    I am not being judgmental, we have all probably done it or something similar and that includes myself.

    my point is you really do need to be careful out there.

    my pet-pieve is while trimming on the roadway, cars come too close.

    I have a bad habit of turning around to look behind me before the car gets to me and swinging the trimmer as I do.

    most drivers understand they are gonna get a HOMELITE STRIPE if they don't give enough room.

  7. all ferris

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    If you would have followed me to my house I would have said go ahead and call the cops and I'll have you cited for trespassing. This just shows that you're a hot head and can't let things go. Do you really think that the guy meant to get that close to you? Have you ever had a close call when it would have been your fault? It happens to everyone. I'm sure your little visit to his house fixed him. He probably thinks your some sort of wack job.
  8. Rhett

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    Oh the silliness of youth. JUst take a deep breath. Get in the right lane and let the idiot drive away from you. Lots better than causing an accident trying to "Get Even" Awhole lot better than having some idiot shoot you.
  9. HighGrass

    HighGrass LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Z5 MA
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    The right lane? I was parked. PARKED.
    I don't think some of you guys read it right or I didn't write it correctly. When I went after him, i wasn't being agressive, I just drove. I did loose him and then found his house.
    Al Ferris If you think by knocking on the guys door and asking politely is called confrontation, I disagree. Do you really think that the guy meant to get that close to you? Yea, I do. There's a difference between someone who passes you and someone who is wreckless, I can't speak for you, but I can tell the difference.He probably thinks your some sort of wack job. Why, because I stuck up for myself? Told him I was calling the police? If you would have followed me to my house I would have said go ahead and call the cops and I'll have you cited for trespassing. Sure, and I would have taken the time to tell the cops everything from start to finish.
  10. geogunn

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    HIGHGRASS--I think most people's concern is that you would have been better percieved on the right side of the situation if you had been inclined to call the cops and let them handle it RATHER than going to the guys house and confronting him.

    further, you said:

    politely? your thread opening post you said:

    whether you wanna agree or not isn't the point.

    you were obviously angry, confrontational and out of line and several members have said so.

    you are threatening the guy with arrest, impuning his "real" man I said, what was first just an incident you escalated into road rage!

    so be careful! the last thing any of us want to see is a lawn guy in trouble over an incident!

    GEO :)

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